2023: Gadaff visits ward, unites Youths and women

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•••preaches the good intentions of Gov Abdulrazaq

It was a moment of happiness and galore as the people of Ogbondoroko come out in their numerous figure to welcome the ECOWAS youth ambassador Hon . Sulaimon Lekan Gaddaf. Gadaff who was warmly received by the old and young people of Ogbondoroko ward in Asa local government.

Speaking at the meeting, Gadaff abreast the people of the ward the need to support yet again the aspiration of the governor to run for second term in office. He maintained that the second term tenure would give the people opportunity to witness again series of development and growth as against what we have been having in the past administration.

“His excellency, is doing great in all sectors of the state, the economy, agriculture, health care delivery, education road infrastructure and many ongoing projects in the state. A good term indeed deserves another. That’s why as progressive people we have to entrust with him again our mandate, hence he had amazingly justifying his sincerity and readiness to allow Kwara work for Kwara”. Gadaff positioned.

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