2023: Higher Nigeria Movement take a solidarity walk appealing to Osinbajo to contest.

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On the 1st February, 2022, the Kwara State quarter of the Higher Nigeria Movement rallied around the Ilorin metropolis indicating their interest in the candidacy on Professor Yemi Osinbanjo, in running for the position of the President of Nigeria in 2023 general election. About a thousand women and youths flooded the streets of the Kwara State Capital with cheerful faces signing their want of Osinbanjo as the leader of the country.

Speaking of the rally, participants stated that Osinbanjo has proven himself worthy of being the leader that Nigeria needs as it regains development. The vice-president has over the years through his office championed innovations focused on fostering development in all sectors with the betterment of the lives of the masses as his focus. They stated that being the vice-president, the inputs of Prof Yemi Osinbanjo skyrocketed the influence of the President Muhammad Buhari’s scorecard on governance and economic regeneration as the world fights a pandemic warring against all the parts of our planet.

While being interviewed by the men of the press, Mr Bamgboye Lekan, the Coordinator of the Kwara State Chapter of the Higher Nigeria Movement Stated that the occupation of the Office of the Vice President by Professor Yemi Osinbajo has brought about initiatives focused on empowering women and youths especially as the country regain itself from the shambles of Coronavirus. He said that the National Economic Recovery Committee initiated by Osinbajo has brought about the NDE and just inaugurated NG-CARES, a program he said has help Nigerians to regain their economic strength as the world fights against Covid-19.

The Higher Nigeria Movement is a team of Nigerian volunteers fronting the plea to Professor Osinbajo to declare for the position of the President of Nigeria. The movement inculcate youths of all tribal background, women, transporters, traders and artisans. The nationwide movement started the solidarity walk with the Kwara State Chapter with other states following suits.

The rally also feature pleas to Nigerians to join in the support of the Osinbanjo presidential candidacy. They also plead to stakeholders of the All Progressive Congress to support the Osinbanjo movement to lead Nigeria.

Also speaking at the rally, one Hajia Rukayat, the beneficiary of the traders’ money program, talking to the press said that one of the numerous work of Osinbajo that weigh more than any vice president has ever done in Nigeria is the introduction of Traders money and other social investment programs targeted at making life easier for common man and marketers while Buhari’s government fulfill the campaign promises of the All Progressive Congress.

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