Crisis as Ipata Oloje members blocked Ipata Oloje road, Oloje Junction by burning tyres over member’s killing

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Few hours ago, one of Ipata Oloje member was stabbed and shot to death at his site in Ojugbede, kaima road by group members called ‘Ologbo’.

It was learnt that, the victim came to his shop this morning in Ipata Oloje and went to his site with unidentified two people in Ojugbede to clear the grasses.

An unidentified man, confirmed to Prudent Watch that victim went to buy sachet water and met the group called Ologbo where they seated and smoking added that the victim was alleged of staring at them.

Currently, all members of Ipata Oloje have blocked Ipata Oloje Junction by burning of tyres on the main road.

He therefore, confirmed that the victim was stabbed, shot to death and slaughtered at his site and the dead body has been taken to police head quarter.

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