30th Anniversary Tour: Kwara Poly’s Igbomina National Students Union visits Olupako, Olupo of Ajese Ipo

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Yushau Abdulwasiu O, reports

Earlier yesterday, dated 3rd April 2023, the Igbomina National Students Union, Kwara State Polytechnic marked her 30th Anniversary Tour and paid homage visit to His Royal Highness Oba Olupako of Share, Haruna Olawale Sulaiman (Penpenbiasa II) and further visited His Royal Majesty, Oba (Barr) Ismail Bolaji Yahaya Muhammed Atoloye Alebiosu of Olupo of Ajasse-ipo, Kwara State.

The sole aim of the visitation to the two Obas was to learn from the Igbomina cultures as well as to see the miracles that God has blessed their forefathers within Igbomina land, especially in Share and Ajasse-Ipo.

The lectures who went with the students are Engr Femi Oyebanre, Agricultural engineering department; Engr Adetayo Odunayo, Electrical Electronic Department and Dr Oluwaseun Olaseyinde, Library Department

The Share and Ajasse-Ipo lands are under the aegis of Igbomina in Kwara State.

His Royal Highness, Oba Olupako of Share, Haruna Olawale Sulaiman who was ably represented by his Chief of Staff, Muhammed Kabiru Elemosho in his welcoming address appreciated and prayed for Igbomina Students in Kwara State Polytechnic for finding Share worthy of visitation.

Elemosho further explained the inception of Share Land and how God naturally blessed their forefathers with miraculous things.

“All these miracles were created by God who is the most high and also deserves to be worshipped,” he said.

He, however, directed Muhammed Alli, popularly known as “Baba 77” and Mr Monfiomoyomi to lead the students to where those miraculous things were located.

Thereafter, Baba 77 and Mr Monfiomoyomi led the group to the triangle hill called “Oke Agbonna” where a unique tree named, “Igi Aimo” that has spent years was located and further moved to water called “Odo Soose” and the “Koto efun” that leads to different nearby villages and other miraculous things.

During the tour to the miraculous places, all students were so excited and astonished when seeing what they have never seen before and a lot of questions were raised by the students concerning where they visited which Baba 77 responded to.

The students further on their touring anniversary visited His Royal Majesty, Oba (Barr) Ismail Bolaji Yahaya Muhammed Atoloye Alebiosu of Olupo of Ajasse Ipo in his Palace.

While Olupo of Ajasse Ipo was speaking, narrated where Igbomina people were originated, saying presently, the largest part of Igbomina is in Kwara State which can be found in Ifelodun, Irepodun, Isin as well as Ajesse Ipo in Kwara State. Igbomina can as well be seen in Ila Orogun, Oke Ila and Ora in Osun State.

“It was the creation of states during the military regime that makes some of our part to be in Osun and Kwara States as well but we are all one and family and nothing will separate us,” he added.

Olupo of Ajasse Ipo further said, there are rotation meetings which they jointly do together among Igbomina in Osun and Kwara in order to promote the unity and oneness of Igbomina people, saying Igbomina in Osun will come down to Kwara and Kwara, in turn, go to Osun vice verse for the meeting.

He, therefore, stressed more on the word “Igbomina” which according to him said it was derived from “Ogbomana” which is the name of something that looks like cutlass that some olden days words inscribed on it and the owner of Ogbomana is called “Ologbo-lomana”

“The Ogbomana cutlass is like a compass that directs our forefathers to the righteous place in olden days and it cannot be found anywhere than Ajasse Ipo,” he noted.

However, the Olupo of Ajasse Ipo narrated how his family has been the most Oba to enjoy the throne among the other two families and encouraged all the Igbomina students not to cease doing good as well as not to over ambitious and desperate in whatever they are willing to achieve, adding that all powers and positions are in the hands of God.

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