AGF Salahuddeen Sends Eid-el-Fitr Greetings to Muslim Ummah

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Hon. AGF Salahuddeen, the esteemed representative of Omupo Constituency at the Kwara State House of Assembly, extends warm Eid-el-Fitr greetings to the residents of Omupo Constituency and the entire Kwara State.

In his message, Hon. AGF Salahuddeen urges everyone to embrace the spirit of prayerfulness and commitment to the progress and prosperity of Kwara State.

As we celebrate Eid-el-Fitr, he emphasizes the importance of unity, compassion, and solidarity among all residents, irrespective of religious or cultural differences.

Hon. AGF Salahuddeen reaffirms his dedication to serving the people of Omupo Constituency and advocates for policies and initiatives that will uplift the lives of every citizen in Kwara State. He encourages everyone to continue working together towards building a more vibrant and inclusive community.

As we mark the end of Ramadan and the celebration of Eid-el-Fitr, Hon. AGF Salahuddeen extends his best wishes for joy, peace, and prosperity to all residents of Omupo Constituency and Kwara State.


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