Agriculture: MOK Foundation launches 50-Hectares Farm land to support Underprivileged, Vulnerable

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By Aremu Mary Oluwatoyin


MOK Foundation under the leadership of Alhaji Muhydeen Okunlola Kayode has acquired about 50 hectares of land in the Alebaale community, Igbona, Oyun Local government area. The land was acquired with plans to engage local farmers who will be given farm inputs for free to be planted on the 50 hectares of land.

During this reporter’s visit to the land, Alhaji Tunde Salaudeen, a prominent member of the MOK Foundation, stated that the hectares of land were legally purchased by Alhaji Muhydeen Okunlola Kayode from the community head of Aleebaale and the paramount king of Igbona town. The foundation plans to use this land for farming and will provide farm inputs such as grains, cassava, and millet to beneficiary farmers. The foundation will also ensure adequate security for the farmers and their crops, and take care of the full wages of the laborers working on the farm. Once harvested, the farm products will be stored and shared with citizens free of charge, with a focus on underprivileged and vulnerable individuals as potential beneficiaries. MOK Foundation is undertaking this milestone intervention due to the declining economy in the area.

Also speaking to this reporter, the Director of MOK Foundation, Mr. Temitope Saheed Lawal, explained that the purpose of farming on their 50-hectare land is not for the foundation’s benefit, but for the masses, particularly the underprivileged and vulnerable. He noted that there is famine in the country, and one of the visions of the MOK Foundation is to provide succor for humanity. When asked about the farming process, he mentioned that the foundation has been doing a lot for farmers. For instance, they purchased two tractors last year for usage by farmers without charging them a dime. They also distributed farm inputs, such as chemicals, to farmers without collecting any payment. The foundation intends to continue providing such support to farmers and embark on these groundbreaking farming initiatives because the founder of the foundation wants an environment where food will be available to all.

An eyewitness, Mr Tajudeen Ahmad (Anderson) came to the land to verify its authenticity, and he was wowed by the number of hectares purchased by MOK Foundation just to serve humanity, he prayed for the founder of MOK Foundation, and he also advised the potential beneficiaries to make good use of the help rendered by Alhaji Muhydeen Okunlola Kayode (MOK).

A few weeks ago, Confidence News NG granted an interview with the director of the foundation, where he spoke about the foundation’s journeys so far in the last one year.

Aremu Mary Oluwatoyin is a student journalist and works as a reporter with Confidence News Nigeria.

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