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 By YUSUF Mubaraq Authority,

Reeling in the palpitations occasioned by the accident that had happened the previous night on my way from Abuja, I was physically withdrawn from the activities around myself that sunny afternoon. Beaming in the amazement of my wonderful survival and the grace of God enjoyed. I was in this trance of sort, that fateful afternoon when suddenly a figure emerged, from nowhere and her presence jolted me back to sanity. That figure, that I would later known to be *Ameerah AbdulGafar* immediately set my raging heart on fire of immediate apprehension. The feeling of ultra-love engulfed my tiny heart and the chambers around my trachea begin to beat albeit the ensuing figure. The feeling at that moment was priceless as well as magical. Everything begins to turn on it own and I was never the same again, five years after.

I had gone for a yearly programme of the *Jama’atul Nasr Firdaous*, an intimidating yet compelling socio-religious organisation, beaming it searchlights into the minds of an average human and redefining the concept of thier existence in tandem with the words of the Almighty, under the auspices of His Eminence, Maolana Assayid Musa Aloba. The inimitable overseer of the august organisation. That was the meeting point and the very first historical contact with this jewel of inestimable value, who would later had the biggest of influence in my love life trajectories.

For the much of my life, I’m not one given to fantasies. I had my goals sets and headed for executions with impelling alacrity. Judging from the settings we met and the artificial barrier between our class; an intimidating segregation that convulse the men of the lower class from the upper class made the whole plan in my head quite tricky and unrealistic. Ameerah is more of the upper cadre of the society with pretty materially sufficient couples as parents, living in one of the highbrow areas in the nation’s capital, an indication of the rather fat pulse of her beloved parents. And myself on the other side, a complete opposite of the description above. I’m not only from an humble background, my life was really stepped in the murky waters of nothingness and the resultant effects is apparently evident in my life. You could tell from the go that this person isn’t getting it right, materially. But with the grace of God, we keep doubling up and my dream is valid which I’m pursuing with unrelenting grits and guts.

After some while of consistent monitoring and background checks, I decided to take the bull by the horn, I took that bold decisions that would later gladdens my heart forever. Although, the realization of that bold step is still far from reality but the joy beholding from that singular act goes above the realization of the dream!.

One breezy evening, at the dawn of the yearly recitation of *Tania*, a precursor programme of praise and salutations in honour of the beloved prophet of the Islamic faith, Prophet Muhammad (S.W.A) at the HQ of JNF in Iréwoledé axis of the cosmopolitan city of Ilorin, I beckons at the only woman my heart had come to so much love, respect and adore, Miss Ameerah AbdulGafar. I introduced myself and make out for friendship immediately.

We soon get along. I began to pass remarks about her dress sense. Giving compliments about her beaut and all. An indication of a man deeply and madly in love!
I soon get to visiting her in schools, to her utter dismay and outright rejection. But I’m thrilled at the gestures and never mind the accompanying rejections from the one my heart truly desires. Woman must wack now.

Your brilliance amazes me. The way and manner Ameerah tag along any discussion or engagement whatsoever always left me reeling in the utter imagination of her love.
Your language possession is top notch and graciously amazing.

Dear Ameerah, your poise and guts thrilled me in no small measures. I’m glad you are the one my heart takes. You have the definitive measures of a wife material. Your calmness amaze me. I’m deeply grateful for your friendship and the expectations of the much famed bond is getting deeper everyday, darling.

I love you now and I will continue to do. All starting from a deep affection that abhor no lies.

Happy birthday in advance, my love and light

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