“ANOBI OWODE” an account of my journey inside Owode Market, Offa

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By Temitope Muhideen (Convydence)

It was a bustling, sunny afternoon at the popular Owode market in Offa. Traders, buyers, and pedestrians were all busy attending to various matters. The market was particularly lively every five days, with people from neighboring communities and states, such as Oyo and Osun, adding to the bustling atmosphere.

As I made my way to the market through Idi Ogun road, which connects to the Isale-Oja section of the well-known Owode Market, I heard a loud voice exclaiming, “MOK ti de ooo, Iya lati MOK ti de oo,” which translates to “MOK has arrived.” In my community, we are known for our willingness to listen before responding, so I tried to discern who the woman was referring to as MOK. It then dawned on me that she was addressing me as the representative of the MOK Foundation. She must have recognized me from the event where the MOK Foundation generously donated 1.7 million to the victims of the Owode market fire tragedy, I thought to myself.

Why was I inside the market on that faithful day? I was inside the market to check if the victims had been able to use the money donated to them for the purpose it was meant for, with the intention of writing a comprehensive report for the Foundation, this is in line with the partnership between our brand and the MOK Foundation.

Upon arriving at the location where the beneficiaries sell their wares, I was greeted with an enthusiastic welcome. The women gathered around and began chanting “MOK IS OK” before I could even speak. They showered blessings and prayers upon the founder of the Foundation, leaving me standing there, deeply moved and overwhelmed. I was thinking in my head “MOK is a special creation” Without wasting much time, I told them the reason for coming to see them, and I re-echoed the goodwill message from MOK, I told them his plan for them and many others in the market.

During the interviews, an elderly woman in her 80s suddenly exclaimed “MOK ANOBI OWODE,” and soon others joined in chanting. I smiled and continued with the interview. After completing the interviews, the woman repeated “MOK ANOBI OWODE,” and soon everyone around couldn’t help but join in the chant. It became a spirited and infectious moment that lasted until I left the scene.

After the interview, I reflected on the chanting. I walked up to the woman and asked her, “Why did you call MOK Anobi Owode?” She smiled and said, “I am 82 years old and have spent over 40 years inside this market. I have never seen any man as generous to our people as Alhaji Muhydeen Okunlola Kayode. He has continuously prioritized the interest of our people. Many have benefited from his various empowerment initiatives. He has provided soft loans to the old, aged, and young. He even donated street lights to this market and has lifted many out of poverty. May Almighty Allah continue to bless him. He is an angel sent to the people of this glorious land. He is the ‘ANABI OWODE’.” She concluded.

I left the woman. I asked myself, “If I am as rich as MOK, can I help people like he does?” My answer is NO. Then I concluded, he is indeed “ANOBI OWODE”

Temitope Muhideen is the publisher of Confidence News Nigeria and a member of Greenfield Library Limited, Atlanta Georgia, USA.

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