APC announces Prince Owolabi as Acting Chairman of Ifelodun LG

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In the aftermath of the resignation of the incumbent Alhaji Lateef Quadri in Ifelodun Local Government, the APC Kwara South Senatorial Chairman, Hon Olabanji Olayemi, conveyed a meeting on February 7, 2024. The key decision reached was to appoint Vice Chairman Prince Owolabi Olatayo Rasaq of Oke-ode ward as the Acting Chairman for the first three months to avoid leadership vacuum. This decision received endorsement from 21 out of 26 local government party executives in Ifelodun, aligning with Article 21.3 Sections VI (C) of the APC constitution.

1. The meeting, in accordance with the Party’s constitution, was explicitly stated by the Party’s Kwara South Senatorial Chairman.

2. The endorsement by the 20 Executive Members of Ifelodun APC for Prince Owolabi Olatayo Rasaq to act as Chairman was in line with the Party’s Constitution.

3. The APC advises all members in Ifelodun to abide by the decision, ensuring peace and order within the Party.

4. The peace meeting, presided over by the Kwara State Senatorial Chairman Hon Olabanji Olayemi, facilitated the endorsement at the Deputy Governor’s office.

5. Prince Owolabi Olatayo Rasaq is appointed as the Acting Chairman of the Party in Ifelodun LGA with immediate effect.

6. Any grievances related to the endorsement should be channeled to the Party’s Secretariat for consideration.

– Hon Olabanji Olayemi, Kwara South Senatorial Chairman.
– Alhaji Suleiman Saltos, Kwara North Senatorial Chairman.
– Alhaji Turawa, Kwara Central Senatorial Chairman.
– Barrister Teju Oguntoye, Kwara South Senatorial Legal Adviser.
– Alhaji Suleiman Duduyemi, State Youth Leader.
– Hon Rasak Owolabi Olatunde, Member representing Ifelodun Share-Okeode State Constituency.
– Hon Ganiu Afolabi Salau, Ifelodun Omupo Constituency.
– 20 members of LG exco attended out of 26 members.
– Two members tendered apologies.

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