ASUU 200Billion Demands Vs AGF,Ahmed Idris 80Billion Fraud

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By: Soliu Arowolo Adam

ASUU demands 200Billion naira to end the ongoing strike, but FG refused to give them.The Accountant General,Ahmed IDRIS of this same Federal Government was arrested yesterday,May 16th 2022 in connection with diversion of funds and Money laundering activities to the tune of N80billion, Yes! Eighty billion naira public fund.

It’s just unbelievable to see a Nigeria varsity student who chose to praise the Government but keep on blaming Asuu for the lingering strike.The fund Asuu is demanding is not just meant for a single lecturer, it’s meant for thousands of them, part of Asuu’s demands is the revitalization of our dead universities.

I have come across different articles where some varsity students wrote in length blaming and cursing Asuu for purportedly jeopardizing their academic futures. At times, I used to try my best to engage those students not to see Asuu as selfish union but rather the FG as the one who is not interested in the Academic futures of the children of the poor masses.

How many Lecturers have a billion naira in their accounts ? In a right consent, every Nigeria varsity student believes that looking for a Lecturer with a billion naira in his account is like looking for an ocean in a sahara desert. In Nigeria, where a Professor doesn’t earn up to a million in a month, how then can that be possible. If that is the case, why then would a Nigeria varsity student chooses to sing the praise of Federal Government instead of giving his support to Asuu for their efforts to make sure NIGERIA Public Universities do not end up being like the public primary and secondary schools. The Federal Government keeps on approving the establishment of private universities at every proposal, this simply shows that If Asuu relents in their Struggles, University’s Education will no longer be for the children of the poor masses in the nearest future.

An individual diverted and laundered public funds worthy of 80Billion Naira but 200Bn can not be given to Asuu to make Universities students resume their academic activities. It’s the same student whose future is hang on the rope of dilemma that chooses to keep on singing the praise of the Federal Government.

The members of this incumbent administration are corrupt more than anyone can imagine. Under this administration, over 30 people bought the APC’S 100Million Naira Presidential Nomination/Declaration Forms. Under this administration, The Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria, The State minister for Education, The minister of labour and employment, the Minister of Petroleum all picked the APC 100Million Nomination form. Even the Attorney General of the Federation picked the gubernatorial form. What else can one say ? Who knows the billions of Naira in their accounts.

Instead of hunting after all the corrupt elements in this administration, the Federal Government believed that the Nigeria Varsities Lecturers are the corrupt workers who deserve to be hunted, therefore trying to impose IPPIS on the Lecturers as the payroll system.

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