Avoid voting for the PDP and the APC that had already been tested – SDP candidate urges Nigerians

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The presidential candidate of the Social Democratic Party, Prince Adewole Adebayo, has likened a vote for the All Progressives Congress and Peoples Democratic Party to a suicide mission.

Adebayo stated that such an act was a gun to the head and urged Nigerians “not to pulling the trigger” but avoid voting for the PDP and the APC that had already been tested.

“By allowing the PDP and APC and people who came from the PDP to Labour Party to ruin your alternative, confuse and depress you, you have put a gun to your head, but don’t pull the trigger.

“Think about it, look around, it is not too late to find a very formidable alternative that can deliver sure governance. You have between now and February to pull the gun away from your head,” the SDP presidential candidate said.

When asked about the current economic situation, Adebayo said that the situation was redeemable, citing Brazil and Argentina as countries that had worse economic challenges and overcame them.

The SDP presidential candidate assured Nigerians of his commitment to the race, stating that a good government would deliver the country from its woes.

Adebayo further said, “My advice to them is that they have written the suicide note but they should have a change of mind and not die by suicide. If you allow yourself to be manipulated to the point where the APC is competing, which should be a laughing stock, it is already a suicide note.

“The PDP should not be competing as well. I am going to run till the end and I will go everywhere and give everything that God has given to me. Every country can be revamped. It is not every generation that is lucky; some of them are suicide prone. I believe that a good government coming out will straighten out everything.”

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