Balancing Academics and Leadership: The Inspiring Journey of UDUS’ Female First-Class Graduate

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By Asiat Maikudi

When Mahmood Loke Rodiah first stepped onto the campus of Usmanu Danfodiyo University, Sokoto, she was already determined to serve as a leader and advocate for student welfare. Little did she know that her initial dreams would expand beyond the confines of the classroom, setting a remarkable path for her academic and leadership journey.

Driven by her passion to rewrite the story of student leadership, she set her sights on achieving more and tirelessly working towards the betterment of her fellow students. Balancing her role as a dedicated student with her responsibilities as a student activist became her way of life.

Rodiah assumed the position of Vice-Chairman in the National Association of Zoology Students and took on a pivotal role in the Ilorin Emirates Students Union, UDUS Chapter. Throughout her academic journey, she served as an Assistant Class Representative, making significant contributions to the growth and development of her department.

“Although juggling these roles was indeed challenging, I found immense fulfillment in it. It was tough, but it satisfied my curiosity,” she reflected.

Mahmood Rodiah, a 23-year-old native of Kwara State, experienced boundless joy when she received her final result, boasting an impressive Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) of 4.5.

This remarkable achievement was far from a fluke. Mahmood, who was deeply committed to leading student affairs and welfare, had meticulously balanced her responsibilities.

“Initially, I didn’t expect to achieve first-class honors. Since I embarked on my journey as a student representative and advocate for student welfare, my aim was always to attain a higher GPA through diligent study and prayer,” she shared.

Balancing the Demands of Academics and Leadership

As the former Financial Secretary of the Ilorin Emirates Students Union and the Ameerah at the Markazy Alumni Association (UDUS Chapter), Mahmood Rodiah deftly managed her roles, ensuring her academic performance remained uncompromised.

“Upon assuming the role of Welfare Director at IESU and Ameerah at the Markazy Alumni Association during my second year, I adjusted my study schedule to ensure it did not interfere with my academic progress. It became a personal challenge I was determined to conquer, and the rewards were beyond words,” she explained.

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