Commissioner nominees: Another indication of AA’s commitment to Kwara’s Growth —Muhammed Brimah

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•Congratulates Commissioner nominees

“The Kwara community over the last couple of years have witness immense change in the capacity and management prowess of people saddled with the responsibility of handling the affairs of our state. And with the recent nomination of Amb. Akaje Ibrahim, Bode Towoju George and others, the Governor, yet again is to be commended.”

“The new nominees have overtime displayed their dedication to the success of our party, the current administration and the development of Kwara State. Using personal resources, community development and social initiatives, the nominees have showcased their ability to drive change in our society.”

With the new platform, about to be handed over to them, as commissioner-designates, it is believed that they will engineer development in different sectors considering their years of experience in management and leadership. They have already been identified as leaders in their own right by majority of members in their various communities, hence the assurance that they will deliver on the task ahead of them.

“The new commissioner nominees are about to do one of many things they have always wished to do. They are about to be in the service of their people, making changes in the society.
I therefore wholeheartedly congratulate the new nominees and wish them success in their screening at the House of Assembly, and in their individual assignments”

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