Engr Rotimi Iliasu gets new chieftaincy title, T’aiyese Of Jebba Land

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In recognition of his significant contributions to the development of Moro Local Government and Kwara State at large, Honorable Engr Suleiman Rotimi Iliyasu, former Commissioner for Works and Transport, will be honored with the Honourary Chieftaincy title “T’aiyese Of Jebba Land.” The conferment of this esteemed title is a testament to his unwavering dedication and valuable service to the community.

The Honourary Chieftaincy title, “T’aiyese Of Jebba Land,” is a mark of appreciation and recognition for Hon. Engr Suleiman Rotimi Iliyasu’s tireless efforts in advancing the welfare of the people and fostering progress within Moro Local Government and Kwara State.

This prestigious recognition has been extended by the Oba-in-Council of Jebba Land, and they look forward to receiving Hon. Engr Suleiman Rotimi Iliyasu’s written acceptance of this honor. This indication of acceptance will mark the first step towards his formal installation.

Oba (Alhaji) Abdulkadir Alabi Adebara, the Oba of Jebba, expressed his heartiest congratulations to Hon. Engr Suleiman Rotimi Iliyasu. This conferment stands as a testament to his dedication, leadership, and positive impact within the community. It is a reflection of the high regard in which he is held.

This Honourary Chieftaincy title not only honors Hon. Engr Suleiman Rotimi Iliyasu’s past contributions but also sets a positive precedent for his continued engagement in the betterment of Moro Local Government and Kwara State.

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