Fagbemi’s Leadership style causing Chaos in Kwara APC – Ifelodun Stakeholders

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The leadership style of Prince Sunday Fagbemi, Chairman of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Kwara State, has been accused of causing chaos and destabilizing the party in Ifelodun Local Government Area (LGA).

According to stakeholders in the LGA, Fagbemi’s approach has been characterized by imposition of candidates, disregard for party constitution, and favoritism, leading to divisions and unrest within the party.

The stakeholders, who spoke through the Ifelodun LGA Elders and Stakeholders Forum, lamented that Fagbemi’s actions are threatening the party’s unity and electoral chances in the forthcoming local government elections.

This is contained in an Open letter to the Kwara state Governor. The letter reads in full:

First, we want to put it on record that since Mr. Sunday Fagbemi became the Kwara State Chairman of APC, the Party in Ifelodun LGA has not witness peace for a moment. Unfortunately, before his emergence as the Chair of the Party, all hands were on deck with regards to our collective will and wish to push the rested dynasty under the Peoples’ Democratic Party (PDP) out of power in Kwara State. Over 90% of us referred to as the real APC leaders and Stakeholders in Ifelodun today, were in the forefront along others from the State as a whole, through the *Otoge Movement* that made the dream of enthroning a new administration now headed by our amiable Gov. AA to be possible.

But then, sooner than the dust wast settled and the era of locust invasion was overthrown and the choice of Mr. Fagbemi and his State Party Executives were made, his interest has been how to divide the once United house to suite his well-known and usually orchestrated approach of trumping up one side against the other so as to create chaos to promote his myopic interest.

Even though some of us already knew him for who he has always been, as his records in CPC has nothing good to write home about, we accepted his choice because we reposed and still believe in the total confidence we have on both his personal and political experiences and a good man and someone would always wanting to be on the side of posterity.

Since Fagbemi’s ascension to the Chairmanship position of APC in the State, the scenario has been to settle one dispute or the other in the Party, especially in Ifelodun as well as other LGAs, simply because he is already accustomed to the leadership style of self-aggrandizement in the midst of chaos and confusion. The recent one being the already trending message on the social media by Party Leaders and Stakeholders in his own Ekiti LGA, where it is alleged that he has been doing everything to impose both Chairmanship and Councilorship candidates on the people of the Local Government without minding the consequences such step would have on the Party and the people of affected area.

Well, before our submission is taken for crying wolves where there was none, we want to point the following examples to the Governor and for him to investigate our claims as either true or otherwise.

One, why is Fagbemi finding it difficult to work with the political leaders of APC in Ifelodun for instance, and those at the helm of affairs of the Party in Kwara South ieneral, such as the Deputy Governor, the Senatorial Chairman, the well respected and elected National Assembly Members and the State Legislators in the Zone? The simple answer is that he knows that these people are upright individuals who will not succumb to his dirty dealings.

Two, why did Fagbemi find it more convenient to work with individuals who worked against APC in the last general elections in which Gov. AA lost woefully in Share, the headquarters of Ifelodun LGA and the only LGA headquarters where such lost was recorded? Of course, Fagbemi knows that the people he is working hand-in-hand with are the culprits.

Three, why was Fagbemi unable to checkmate the uncharitable activities of his brother-in-law, Jide Shonibare and others in performing well when they were TIC Chairmen throughout their ignoble reign in the LGAs. Yet, he is still hell-bent on fostering his in-law on us as the the Chairman of the LGA in the coming election? The answer is not farfetched from the personal benefits he accrued from the reigns of those people which he would want to continue if allowed to have his way.

Four, why has it been difficult for him to tow the path of honour provided in the APC constitution regarding the replacement of the ex-Chairman of APC in Ifelodun LGA?


We can go on and on but, we would still have remained silent and be following without a word from us until the carmel’s back is broken, but we are not traitors and betrayals of trust, hence our decision to send you this open letter to avoid been blamed at the end, when it would have been too late to make amends or ignite a reverse.

Today, we have insiders’ report of the meeting purportedly held on behalf of the Ifelodun APC leaders and Stakeholders by the APC State Chairman, Mr Sunday Fagbemi and his selected co-travelers.

We are also aware that the secret meeting was conveyed not only by Fagbemi but with the connivance of the State’s Party Secretary, Alh. Ishowo at the Party Scretariat where the 5 selected cohorts of theirs, namely; Messrs. Jide Shonibare, Lanre Falola, Gbenga Power and one Draftsman called Lukman Abubakar who is parading himself as the APC Chairman in Ifelodun LGA took a decision as who becomes our Party’s flag bearer and eventual winner in the upcoming Local Government elections. For a repeat and avoidance of doubts, because records and results don’t lie, the people being selected are not just their cronies, but those who have always worked against the interest of the Party. they worked against APC, Gov AA and all those who now represents us both at the National and State Assemblies during that last general a elections and we have enough record to prove our submission.

We also have the details of all the issues discussed, most of which were centred on the forthcoming local government election and how they intends to work on the governor to succumb to their deceitful antics.

We want to make it clear to our respected Governor and indeed, the entire world that as true Democrats, we are committed to take the right path, and as such, we are not part of that meeting nor any decision taken therefrom and that fact, is the standpoint of all the true and faithful Party Stakeholders in Ifelodun LGA. But if the governor is indoubt of our assertions, we implore him to make a careful investigation to nail the truth on the haed!

For the sake of clarity and facts-finding, the governor can find out if the said meeting has any representation or input from the Deputy Governor, the two Hon. Members of the KWHA or any of the State Executive Members. It is therefore very unimaginable what the calibers and characters of people in that meeting said to be representing Ifelodun local government were?

Your Excellency Sir, we know you to be a man of peace, impeccable character and very excellent political and family background, we are equally not unaware of the many yokes you bear on behalf of all Kwarans, the Party and as the Chairman of all Nigeria Governors’ Forum, but we have no other choice than to bother you with this issue, but because we cannot now learn how to use left hand at old age by suddenly becoming traitors.

We do not want APC, especially in our LGA to go into the LG election as divided house unlike what the people under reference did to the Party during the 2023 general elections.

Sir, as you are well aware, the people of Ifelodun LGA are too enlightened, broadly minded and very sensitive to be manipulated by few individuals, whose stock in trade was to trick you into believing that they have electoral value. Of course, they know they don’t and that is the main reason why they have been striving to thrive and benefit from chaotic situation, deliberately and only to make their ends meet. More so, since a large number of them have no other means of livelihood than relying on whatever they can irk from politics by whatever manipulative method(s) they can apply.


Consequent on the above narrations, we wish to being the attention of our dear leader and governor to the followings:

I) that since Mr. Sunday Fagbemi became the Kwara State APC Chairman, the Party, especially in Ifelodun LGA has not known peace and the same trend has been extended to the Party in other LGAs, the record of which Your Excellency is aware of;

ii) that the purported meeting and decision taken at the State’s APC Party Scretariat on Tuesday 18th June 2024 was just a mere gathering of political hawks that meant no good for the Party, the Governor nor the people of Ifelodun LGA;
(iii) that the real and true leaders and stakeholders of APC in Ifelodun LGA and as those with electoral value, are not part of the meeting or any decision taken at that self-acclaimed Stakeholders meeting.

iv) that we have to being this issue to Your Excellency’s attention before it is too late;

v) that Messrs. Fagbemi, Ishowo and others should be call to order before they put our Party’s electioneering chances in jeopardy, especially as we approach the forthcoming LGA elections;

vi) that Your Excellency’s timely intervention is required by ensuring that Mr. Fagbemi does not continue to cause further damage to the collective reputation and goodwill being enjoyed by APC across the State.


Thank you Your Excellency for your kind attention and early anticipated response even as we seek that you accept the renewed assurances of our unalloyed loyalty, support, and solidarity for the good work you are doing.


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