Gadaff organizes summer lesson for Asa pre and post secondary school students.

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The youth mobilizer and Apc stalwart in Asa, Hon. Sulaimon Lekan Gadaff, has sponsored summer lesson for the general benefits of the students at primary and secondary school classes in Asa local government of Kwara state.

It’s worthy of note that, the third term summer holiday is on, for all students in the state. It’s on this great opportunity Hon. Sulaimon Lekan Gadaff and the leadership of Keen Minds foundation partnered in tutoring the students on all their curricular subjects ahead their resumption to next classes.

Speaking on the benefits of the summer lesson, the coordinator of the foundation, Atanda Tesleem Olatunji emphasized that, the summer lesson would ensure that students are armed intellectually ahead of the resumption.

He further affirmed that, the best performing students at all categories would be award in prizes, so, he enjoyed the beneficiaries of the summer to take it serious, hence the lesson is tailored towards a better preparatory of the students ahead resumption.

However, study have shown that students who participated in summer lessons during holidays perform better academically than their study mate, who stay home doing nothing during the holidays.

Later, Gadaff urged the foundation to remain focus to the course of the summer, by ensuring that all curricular subjects are taught for the effective and efficiency outcome of the summer. “As a lover of education, I almost appreciate you for the welldone job. You’re performing beyond doubt, with what I’m seeing today, it attest to the fact that we have capable tutors here.

We must get them prepared for the future, these children are our future, so all must be done to ensure they are prepared to take the lead at the global space”. He concluded.


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