Gadaff salutes Salman Shagaya foundation

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Humanity is first. Recognizing the poor in the community should be the best engagement all the privileged people should consider doing.

The ECOWAS youth ambassador, hon. Sulaimon Lekan Gadaff has appreciate the kind gesture and humane extension of the Shagaya’s foundation to the less privilege in the society. It’s however noted that the pandemic had and still revenging the global space, which has direct impact on the economy of every countries, Nigeria wasn’t left out. This pandemic also affecting many households in the country. So, for the foundation to have raised to the occasion of minimizing the negative impacts of this on a common man on the street, and the general vulnerable population in the society. It’s worthy of commendation.

“As a young person who is passionate about developing the community, I’m overwhelmed to see that another thinking alikes people are on the same track of elevating the lives of others through its philanthropic engagements. As a result, I extols the Shagaya’s foundation Relief Money Scheme which is the 18th edition of the foundation, which was organized in Ilorin, the Kwara State capital.

I’m optimistic that the scheme will serve it established purposes, in the same vein I also urged the beneficiaries to make judicious utilization of the money.

I challenge others to follow suit, by so doing our society will be placed on lofty seat of economy and social political vibrancy”. Gadaff concluded

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