NYCN Honours Hon. Ahmed Dakaya with Excellence Award

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In a distinguished ceremony held at the Merit House in Maitama, Abuja, Hon. Ahmed Dakaya was recognized for his outstanding contributions to the economic prosperity of the North Central region and the nation at large. The National Youth Council of Nigeria bestowed upon him the prestigious Award of Excellence during a summit organized to discuss strategies for fostering economic growth in the region.

Hon. Dakaya, a prominent figure and one of the guest speakers at the event, took the opportunity to address the audience on the crucial role of youth in driving economic development. Emphasizing the need for increased productivity, he urged the youth to actively engage in sectors such as Agriculture and Mining, presenting these as viable avenues to mitigate unemployment challenges in Nigeria.

As a recipient of the Award of Excellence, Hon. Ahmed Dakaya stands as a beacon of inspiration for his commitment to advancing economic prosperity and empowering the youth. His insightful contributions during the summit underscored the importance of innovative approaches to address the socio-economic challenges facing the nation.

The National Youth Council of Nigeria commends Hon. Dakaya for his exemplary leadership and dedication to the welfare of the youth. The Award of Excellence serves as a recognition of his tireless efforts in promoting economic opportunities and encouraging youth involvement in key sectors for sustainable development.

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