Scandal: Hon Saba Ahmed caught in another certificate forgery

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Hon. Dr. Ahmed Saba, The Candidate of APC Edu/Moro/Patigi federal constituency in Kwara State again reportedly involved in another forgery scandal

It was alleged that Saba once again presented to the Court in Abuja a forged Medical Report to exonerate him from failure to appear in court after the Court had issued a Bench Warrant against him.

According to our source, who pleaded anonymity were informed that Saba, having realised that he could no more play to the gallery in this case, approached several hospitals in Kwara State to get fake Medical Report but was turned down by the patriotic medical personnel who do not want to be involved in his ignoble game of lies. Having failed to secure support from any hospital for his act of forgery Saba went ahead to forge the Letter Head of Comprehensive Hospital, Shonga where he worked before.

Saba equally forged the signature of a medical Doctor who retired from Service since 2020 to give the document a seeming authenticity. The authorities who smelled the falsehood in the document carried out investigation and discovered that Ahmed Saba forged it. The Medical Doctor denied knowledge of the report and equally said he no longer works in the hospital or with Kwara State Government. Saba will definitely have a date with the Court, the source said.

It is hoped that these trail of odium by someone eyeing the Green Chambers (a big slap on the integrity of the Legislative Arm of Government ) comes to an end soon. It is unfortunate that a pathetic liar who should be languishing in jail has decided to put an entire Constituency on the spotlight for very wrong reasons. The people of the Constituency are unanimous in their prayers for God’s intervention to avoid the shame of being led by an unrepentant forger, the source alleged

Meanwhile, Saba was on Wednesday granted Bail by the Federal Investigation Bureau (FIB) after promising to make himself available for further investigation. He was arrested from his hideout at Tamara Hotel, Zone 3 Abuja. The Bail was based on the fact that Saba promised to make himself available after attending to an invitation extended to him by the ICPC over allegations of misappropriation of funds relating to Anchor Borrowers Funds and other offences.

In another developing story from his media office “

Saba honoured police invitation, not arrested, says media team

The media office of the House of Representatives Candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC) for Edu/Moto/Patigi Federal Constituency, Dr Ahmed Adamu Saba, has dismissed as falsehood the report in a section of social media platform that he was arrested and detained at Federal Investigation Bureau of the Nigerian Police Force.

It said the House of Representatives hopeful honoured the invitation of the FIB in Abuja, a few days ago, during which he made clarification based on what prompted his being invited.

In a statement issued in Ilorin today and made available to newsmen, the media office described the trending rumour of Dr Saba as a grand conspiracy designed to whip up emotions and subject him to public ridicule.

The media office said it was aware of the plot to portray the APC House of Representatives candidate in a bad light, adding that his academic qualifications, credibility and integrity remain intact.

The statement added that the House of Representative’s flag-bearer would not join issues with those behind the ploy because it was in the picture of where it emanated from.

The media office of Dr Ahmed Adamu Saba, however, threatened legal action against agents of fake news on social media platforms, saying that it was unfair to accuse him wrongly.

“It has come to our notice the rumour making the round social media space to the effect that the House of Representatives Candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC) for Edu/Moto/Patigi Federal Constituency, Dr Ahmed Adamu Saba, was arrested and detained at Federal Investigation Bureau (FIB) of the Nigerian Police Force.

“This, indeed, is a melodrama whose performance on the acting stage would be difficult to enact. As much as the rumour dwells within the realm of speculation, it has to be made unambiguous too that the Police invited Dr Saba for clarification and honoured the invitation as a law-abiding citizen.

“It, therefore, betrays common sense if our honouring the Police invitation as a responsible citizen of this country could be classified as an arrest. Nothing could be farther from the truth other than a grand conspiracy to call a dog a bad name to hang it.

“We are not unaware of the antics of the familiar Quarters where the rumour mill emanated from; that is their stock in trade but we will never join issues with any of them. We believe that the Almighty Allah gives power to whom he wills no matter how you try to alter it.

“Without aiming at immodesty, our academic qualifications, credibility, integrity and selfless services to humanity speak volumes and we won’t descend to the gutter in wrestling and tagging those who vehemently stood against our ambition.

“For those who have been following the trend, we have nothing to hide. Our relevant information had since been submitted to the appropriate authorities as far as the forthcoming general elections are concerned.

“Let it be known that we are law-abiding citizens and honouring Police invitation cannot be substituted as a commission of a crime. However, we will not hesitate to sue anyone found to have made it a duty to malign, disparage and demonize us using social media space as a weapon to propagate half-truth, falsehood and outright LIE”, the statement read

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