Hon. Sulaiman Lekan Gadaff: Key Plans for the Great People of Afon Constituency (ASA)

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Earlier today, the Prudent Watch Media received a report from Hon. Gadaff media team that has in it the key plans for the good people of Afon Constituency.

The report entails the key plans, Hon. Gadaff has on ground that are ready for implementation if given the mandate to lead. As revealed in the report, they include:-

1. Work with relevant institutions to enlarge employment space for the people to reduce the pressures that come with an unstable source of income and keep them happier.

2. Facilitate the appointment of vibrant young people into positions of responsibility within and outside the local community.

3. Partner with relevant educational institutions and regulators to ensure further improvements in the system of primary education in the Afon constituency.

4. Provide access to a wide variety of capacity-building programs targeted especially at youth.

5. Ensure that the interests of the youth are given priority in all welfare policies and packages of the local community.

6. Encourage the inclusion of the youth in the politics of the Local Government.

7. Work towards the effective utilization of the resources in the Local Government such as Agriculture and by so doing create a space for the local government to trade its economy for the benefit of the people

8. Empowerment for all and sundry.

9. Liase with the C.B.N for the establishment of a bank for the Asa Local Government thereby creating employment for its inhabitants.

“Imagine a devoted and committed young man that is poised to provide his people with all the mind-blowing things aforesaid”, the report reads.

“Imagination alone won’t make this happen, but supporting Gadaff for the position of member house of assembly in Afon constituency will make it a reality. We can do it together!”, concluded.

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