Ifelodun Deserves Equal Right Of Representation

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As a state, for we to have taken the pride in the democracy we practise and having a better taste of the dividend we serially agitated for; justice and equity should not be the last thing on the agenda. With fairness, right of dignity, respect and right sense of belongings, we collectively secure the nation’s deserving hue.

It is not a news that since the commencement of democratic practice, every state across the whole federation is entitled to have three-represntatives in the house of assembly. Proportionally, Ifelodun/Offa/Oyun Federal Constituency are not lagging in the process; although, the representation has not been equally participatory.

Of the three units- Ifelodun, Offa and Oyun local government area- in the constituency, Ifelodun local government area had the least representation of the constituency with just four-year as descent to eight-year of Oyun and twelve-year of Offa local government areas over the years.

Truthfully, for democracy to grow and engender good governance, there must be equal rights amongst participants and stakeholders. Thus, we are reaching to the consciousness of our people in other parts of Ifelodun/Offa/Oyun Federal Constituency to support their people in Ifelodun Local Government Area of the State to participate in the representations at the National Level.

It neither take enmity nor inveterated hatred but it takes patriotism, empathy and respect to rule of law to willingly delegate power to the people of Ifelodun local government area to represent the whole constituency in the coming election.

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