Igbomina Youth Assembly Greets Muslim Faithfuls On Eid-Al-Fitr

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As we come together to celebrate the joyous occasion of Eid al-Fitr, let us not only rejoice in the blessings of this sacred time but also reflect on our roles as good ambassadors of our beloved Igbomina cultures.

Let us strive to embody the values of compassion, unity, and integrity that define the essence of being an Igbomina indigene. As we gather with family and friends, let our actions and words reflect the dignity and respect that characterize our heritage.

As we offer our prayers and supplications during this blessed time, let us fervently pray for the progress and development of Igbomina land. May Allah guide our leaders and grant them wisdom in their endeavors to uplift our communities. May He bless our land with prosperity, peace, and abundant opportunities for growth.

Let us remember that each one of us has a part to play in the development of Igbomina land. Whether through education, entrepreneurship, or community services, let us contribute positively to the betterment of our homeland.

All of us at Igbomina Youth Assembly extend our heartfelt wishes for a joyous Eid al-Fitr. Taqabbal Allahu minna wa minkum, May Allah accept it from us and you and May his blessings be upon you and your families, and may He shower our beloved Igbomina with His mercy and grace.


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