Imodoye Writers Residency Unveils Fifth Cohort

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Imodoye Writers Enclave, a renowned creative writing hub and writers’ residency in Nigeria, founded by Dr. Usman Oladipo Akanbi, the President of the Association of Nigerian Authors (ANA), has announced the unveiling of its fifth cohort of residents at an event which held on the 1st of July, 2024.

The Imodoye Writers’ Enclave which was founded with the aim of fostering community-focused initiatives in writing, reading, and critical thinking through different programs, one of which is the Imodoye Writers’ Residency. This residency emerged from a commitment to creating a supportive and conducive environment that empowers writers to finish their ongoing projects with creativity in mind.

The President of the Association of Nigerian Authors (ANA) who is also the founder of the writers’ residency, Dr. Usman Oladipo Akanbi, emphasized that the purpose of the event was to unveil and inspire talented creative writers to complete their ongoing projects while providing them with a writing workshop and other literature-related activities, all at no cost. He also included that the residents are entitled to weekly stipends.

Drawing inspiration from his late father’s commitment to supporting the community, Dr. Akanbi, an Agricultural Economist, expressed his belief that the program would ignite interest in writing and establish a blueprint for the growth of literature in Kwara state, and indeed the entire country.

Arike Priscilla Adesina, Amadi Ekwutosilam Njoku, Saka Wasiu Laide, and Fadairo Tesleem were the four writers selected for the fifth cohort of Imodoye Writers Residency.

Arike Priscilla Adesina firmly upholds the belief that stories hold the potential to reshape society, employing her literary talents to portray the human experience vividly. Priscilla won the award for the 2023 Women Short Story Prize and was also awarded The Best Student Writer on Campus in recognition of her writing talent.

She is the author of ‘The After Party’, a collection of short stories about the popular teenage crisis. She served as the librarian at the Hilltop Creative Art Foundation for two years and actively participated in the Association of Nigerian Authors. She is also a member of the Abuja Literary Society. Beyond her love for writing, she is a dedicated thespian.

Amadi Ekwutosilam Njoku is a prolific writer and educator with a diverse range of literary and educational accomplishments. He hails from Amasiri, Afikpo North, Ebonyi State, and is known for his work as a poet, award-winning novelist, playwright, short story writer, culture and literary essayist, critical analyst, and managing editor at Africa Press Chamber (APC).

He also serves as the editor of Authentic Authors and Poets Magazine (AAPM) and works as a preceptor. He is the author of The Invincible Will.

Saka Wasiu Laide is a multifaceted professional – an author, lecturer, and chartered marketer and manager – with expertise spanning both Nigeria and the United Kingdom. He has authored an impressive array of over sixty books.

In addition, he serves as an Academic Mentor at the prestigious Tony Elumelu Foundation in Lagos, Nigeria and the Queen Elizabeth Jubilee Trust in London, UK.

Fadairo Tesleem is a Nigerian poet and a member of The Poetic Collective. He currently works with Rowayat as a poetry editor and with Consequence Forum as a poetry reader. He tweets @_olakunle_

These talented writers are expected to spend at least three weeks at Imodoye Writers’ Enclave for their residency, diligently working on their manuscripts to bring their creative visions to fruition.

Present at the unveiling ceremony was one of the board members of Imodoye Writers Enclave, Mr. Dunmoye Ayobami, Mr. Issa Mutolib Ayobami, Imodoye Writers’ Enclave manager, writing enthusiasts, and distinguished individuals representing various fields of expertise and walks of life.

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