KWANDCO decry level of financial rascality by the previous government

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….. Asserts, such wanton looting as hugely responsible for the Underdevelopment of the North region of kwara, beside been grossly insensitive to its challenges and terrible neglect.

Kwara North Development Council (Kwandco) felt so sad at the revelation of the gruesome level of financial rascality uncovered by the report of a duly authorised Forensic Experts against the previous government and leadership.

“It’s on account of such financial mess that the region in particular had been hugely dislocated infra structurally ,with its development stunted, while having it’s good people pushed downward the circle of poverty.

The Council note pathetically that, this traumatic occurrence had a discomforting measure of decadence brought upon the people and the region in its entirety.

“It is simply easy for us to connect this financial dislocation and misapplication to the reason why we were where we were as an abandoned region and of people who hardly count in the eye of the Previous government ” and this is the underpinning factor to why we have been underdeveloped “.

Except, for the renewed effort by the current government committed to adding value to our region by deliberately Re-engineering the deficit through an all inclusive across board turn around of our infrastructural dearth. If you ask us if we have got it all by this government? We had gladly say NO, and very impossible to, as no government can.

However! We have left where we were badly left to decadence by neglect to be reconnected to progressive attention in the current. We have left that devastating state of lack of attention to passionate attention. Where the conversation is now between if what is been done is enough against what wasn’t done.

Over time, the conversation around the treasury loot by the past government and it’s leader’s leading to the deplorable state of life of the people of the North region and by extension kwarans will never go away too soon. It will have a place in history to be taught within the spaces of conventional and non conventional settings how we have been badly dealt with and underdeveloped.

As a Council, the government of the day is encouraged to ensure that, all individuals and firms identified by the report to have been associated directly and indirectly with the financial crime of about 11.9 billion naira be brought to book by law. It is by so doing that, the pain brought on us by such criminal elements can assuage our feelings even if we cant ever recover from the dislocation and decadence occasioned by their acts.

The Government of the day under whose effort the forensic Analysis is conducted have our backing at full chest to clamp down on all found guilty. It doesn’t matter what political colouration such financial bandits may be bearing.

Some elements have a price to pay as exemplary.

Samuel Isaiah Mayaki
Dep Dir Publicity
Media Team: KWANDCO

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