Kwara Central 2023: APC Magaji Ngeri Constituency insists on direct primaries

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Today, at Magaji Ngeri constituency, a statement was addressed to the Press which is targeted at the Governor on the resolution reached by the stakeholders of Kwara central on the modalities of primaries election. “After a lot of deliberations and dialogues, the entire stakeholders agreed on direct primaries, this idea was embraced by the majority of the party members of Kwara central”, the statements read.

In the statement, it was stated that a consensus was reached during the last Kwara central stakeholders meeting on the conclusion that direct primary will adopted. It was learned that some set of people in their interest rescheduled a faction and table interest altering what the majority has agreed upon because of their pockets.

The Secretary for Mgaji Ngeri zonal chairman, comrade Idris Ayatullahi while addressing the press emphasized the need for direct primaries to be done to cast in who they want to represent them. In his speech, he referred to the electioneering time of the incumbent Governor, Mallam Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq, “this same direct primary is part of what brought him and factions of those in offices now into power, he should please allow it this same time to foster peace and unity”.

“This is our consensus at our constituency, Mgaji Ngeri, every aspirant should meet on the field and be voted in. The Governor should grant it for us”, he implored.

The PRO for zonal chairman Mgaji Ngeri constituency also added to his secretary address to the press that indirect primary is a NO to them, a direct primary is what they want as that will allow them to exercise their right in voting in who they want and who is competent enough for each post.

The Zonal Chairman for Mgaji Ngeri then concluded the press address after commending the great works of his excellency, Gov. Abdurrahman Abdulrazaq in Kwara State, he then contended on the direct primary every one of them is clamoring for, ” this direct primary won all our 34 candidates for us during 2019, it should be repeated again and not the indirect primary which is being brought us”, he concluded.

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