Kwara LG Polls: APC Ilorin East LG urges members to adhere to Party Supremacy

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The All Progressives Congress (APC) in Ilorin East Local Government has issued a stern warning to its members and aspirants, cautioning them against engaging in acts that could lead to crisis and undermine party supremacy.

In a statement signed by the Secretary, Comrade Habib Olesin, the partyd expressed its displeasure over the sinister agenda of some members and stakeholders who are fueling demonstrations and protests regarding the local government primary elections.

The party reiterated its commitment to upholding its guidelines and principles, and warned that any member or aspirant found culpable of staging protests without consulting the party’s internal mechanism would be sanctioned and punished.

The statement also highlighted specific actions that would no longer be tolerated, including staging protests without party intervention and engaging in character assassination of party elders and stalwarts through writings.

The party urged its members to prioritize party supremacy and adhere to its principles, warning that any breach would result in severe consequences.

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