Kwara North unveils KWANDCO, says it will encourage infrastructural development

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Today in the history of Kwara North, the Chairman of the council, Comrade Jerry Maajin Kolo unveiled the new group Kwara North Development Council, KWANDCO.

The Chairman disclosed this at a press briefing with news outlets in kwara state stating the group is a new child of neccesity in the circumstances to strive and promote the primary goal of developing the people of its zone.

“The council have not just come to stay to reshaping the narrative of our zone as it is interestingly receiving the needed attention in the positive. But to as well promote a partnership that will attract and encourage sustainable infrastructural development needed to fill all the long-term vacuum created by past systems.

For us at KWANDCO, it is no longer news that our zone is getting the desired attention under the Government and the leadership of Governor Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq towards bridging the gaps of our infrastructural deficit. But, the good news is the passion and goodwill to which such commitment is anchored”.

Comrade Jerry kudos the efforts of some the team players in the developmental progression of Kwara North starting from our Senator, Pharm. Sadiq Umar, Speaker KWHA, Rt Hon Yakubu Danladi, inclusive of all other elected and appointed representatives.

“This team of players in partnership with the leadership of HE Abdulrahman AbdulRazaq are working hard enough to change the negative story of our Kwara North region from that of an abandoned and extremely exploited region to a positive an attention driven zone with substantial proves of physical project and human capacity development to change the narratives.

For us at KWANDCO, we won’t say the team had done all, neither given us all that is needed. Yet, they have improved much better on our people’s lives and environment”.

“Like Oliver Twist, we will always ask for more as it is needed but not without appreciating the much that has been done”.

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