Kwara State Polytechnic Land Encroachment: Stakeholders Call for Immediate Action

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A significant assembly of stakeholders convened at the Admiral Muhammed Alabi Lawal Auditorium today to address the pressing issue of land encroachment affecting Kwara State Polytechnic, Ilorin. The conference, organized by the Kwara State Polytechnic Worldwide Alumni Association, under the leadership of its president, Engr. Abu Salami FNSE FNIMechE brought together a diverse group of critical stakeholders including Alumni, government officials, civil society members, traditional institutions, journalists and the Student Union Government.

The stakeholders embarked on a comprehensive tour of the encroached areas, which spanned several locations such as Oke-Aponle, Boyi, Gatta, and the Polytechnic gate. The on-the-spot assessment led to a unanimous agreement on the severity of the encroachment and its potential to hinder the institution’s development.

According to the Communique Drafting Committee, Chaired by Evangelist James Segun Akin Ogunlakin, the conference, highlighted the observations and resolutions of the stakeholders, emphasizing that the land was lawfully acquired by the Kwara State Government, with full compensation provided.

“The current level of encroachment was deemed unacceptable and poses a threat to the moral, ethical, and security well-being of the Polytechnic community”, the conference men established.

In response to the findings and observations during the dialogue, the conference issued several resolutions which include:
1. Individuals or groups claiming property rights on the Polytechnic land are urged to verify their legal status with the Kwara State Geographic Information Services (KWAGIS).
2. Immediate removal of all illegal developments on the Polytechnic’s properties is mandated.
3. The government is called upon to promptly erect perimeter fencing around the Polytechnic’s land.
4. The State government is further urged to demolish all illegal structures identified on the Polytechnic’s property.

Evangelist James Segun Akin Ogunlakin stressed the need for swift government intervention to preserve the integrity of the institution’s land and ensure its future prosperity.

Hence, the conference’s firm stance reflects the community’s dedication to safeguarding educational infrastructure and upholding the rule of law. The outcomes of this meeting are expected to prompt immediate action from the government to resolve the encroachment issue decisively.

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