Kwarapreneur 2.0: KWANDCO Commend Gov Abdulrasaq, seek more opportunities

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Kwara North Development Council (Kwandco) commend the governor, His Excellency, Abdulrahman Abdulrasaq for his passion for which the Youths and effort towards given them the needed support by availing them the platform to become economically productive, beside the push to make them independent and socially responsible.

More specific is the opportunity provided the Youths of the North of kwara to be as well captured into those platform of economic empowerment. We as a council have the provisional knowledge of Youths from our extraction who are beneficiaries of the schemes without needlessly Which now mentioning their names in order not to put such individuals to the risk of peer pressure and environmental insecurity. Not even when there isn’t any such law that make such mandatory except for those who so desire to make such disclosure.
This covers both phases of Kwapreneur 1.0 and 2.0 which were Loan subsidy and grant respectively.

The Council in its wisdom thus advise all the beneficiaries under the empowerment schemes to utilise the financial facilities provided them for the purpose for which it is meant and refuse such attempt that will make them deploy such into unproductive ventures that will seek to reduce the essence of the Loan, Grant and it’s impact.

Kwandco, as a Council also seek like Oliver Twist that, the Kwapreneur 3.0 should provide for a more expansive window and coverage to our Youths in the North, making use of mechanisms that is capable of bending backward to accommodate the peculiarities of our people who perhaps can /may be disadvantaged given any feature or component of the scheme that will create the limit.

Council, commend the Ag General Manager of kwassip Hon Quawiya Olododo for opening his door for a progressive partnership in the thrive to making the scheme more equitable, transparent, inclusive, accommodative and sustainable. Be very much assure of its collaborative effort, advise and support.

Kwandco, strongly acknowledges the impact of the social intervention and investment scheme is designed and tailored by governor Abdulrahman Abdulrasaq to make and is making.

This provides a new narrative essentially reasonable to make our Youths social -economically responsible. This represent a departure from the old order of empowering them as “thugs ” irresponsibly christened as “good boy’s ” by giving them pittances.

This is the change we seek, deserve and thus getting.

Cmr Jerry Kolo M.

Samuel Isaiah Mayaki
Deputy Publicity Secretary

For: Media Team

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