KWASU 300level Public health Department students pays humanitarian visit to Koro Afoju In Ilorin.

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….Cleans environment and sensitized the Beggars on matters concerning their health, requests for Government intervention.

The 300 level students of the Department of Public Health, Kwara State University (KWASU) has just concluded a community service excercise and public health sensitization as part of a field work required by the department, The group 8 members were in a popular beggars dome in the streets of Ilorin named Koro Afoju, Gambari.

Gambari, a market place for hundreds of traders as well as trade spot for thousands of people is located in the heart of Ilorin just some few blocks away from the Ilorin central mosque.

It also contains a particular one beggars spot and street names Koro Afoju which means The Blind Beggars Spot. Koro Afoju as it is being called is a beggars spot in the heart of Ilorin housing and acting as a ground for blind beggars in in the heart of Ilorin. The beggars have a leader popularly called Seriki who is a beggar as well but is of high ranking and is considered more of their leader by this blind beggars.

The 300 level students of Public Health Department , KWASU has just comleted a voluntary community service and sanitation spree in the Koro Afoju spot which has gained widespread commendent and accolades from the general public due. The students engaged in pet talksn with the beggars, health sensitization as well as cleaning, sweeping and packing of dirts from the beggars spot.
The group laid emphasis on the need of the Government’s intervention towards the welfarism as well as proper sanitation of the environment for the beggars stating that they are an integral part of that society as well.

The group also sensitised the individual beggars on matters concerning their health and how they should always cater for themselves and lead an healthy life.

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