Let the Youth leads, Afon Youth Aspirant demands

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A demanding article of an aspirant for Afon constituency, Asa Local Government, Abdulwahab Olatunji Dauda signed by his media team surfaced online earlier today.

In the article, it occurred that he clamored for youths’ involvement and intense participation in his constituency, Afon, ASA LGA.

“The future of every nation lies with the youths. A nation that invests in her youths invest in her future and a man who builds the youths builds the nation”, he started his article.

He moved on to give his definition of the word “Youth”, “Youth is the time of life when a person is young, especially the time when a child becomes a young adult. Youth is the intermediary between childhood and adulthood in life”, he penned down.

He then urged to let the youths lead as they are energetic and full of a fresh and creative mind and advised the society on the need to guide and guard this important gift of human creation to enhance growth and development.

“We should make use of the youths’ physical and mental fitness in government ministries and parastatals and also give full support to those vying for elective posts”, he furthered in his article.

The Afon aspirant called on every ward, local government, constituencies, and state aspiring for greatness, to let youth lead comes this 2023 general election.

“This campaign is to make creative youth more useful and salvage the useless youth to rehabilitate them to effectively build a strong and progressive society or nation”, he concluded.

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