“Let’s do more and talk less”, KYC convener extols Kwara Youths

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Kwara Youth circle on Tuesday 3rd of August 3, 2021 presented the progress aftermath of the youth summit organized by the organisation in November 2020 and revealed plans towards the next edition.
At a press conference involving representatives of the social development circuits that have been formed as suggested in the recommendations from the summit. Comrade Mahmood Abdullahi Loke recalled that at the end of the summit, Kwara Youth resolved to talk less and do more in addressing the issues facing development of kwara state. Therefore at this year’s edition it is planned that participant would only be discussing how much they have done between November and now to proffer solution to the issues raised.
Comrade Loke described the circuit to be an independent, non partisan groups of Kwara youths who have identified themselves based on profession, expertise or area of concern in the society they want to contribute to solving. He presented two of such circuits to give the scorecard of their impact so far. They were Economy circuit and Education circuit.
The Acting Coordinator of the Edcucation circuit, Sanni Sheu-Ahmad highlighted progress they have made so far. He presented an Education policy draft produced by Kwara youths. One he claimed could save the state from the present state of education.
He presented a Citizen Led Education intervention scheme from which he listed series of action plan that his circuit are implementing to solve the education problem in Kwara state. He begged everyone to be be ready to put in the effort to turn Kwara to the Focal state in Nigeria. “This is only possible with an unrivalled quality education and government alone cannot deliver it. We need all hands on deck ” he sounded.
Speaking afterwards, comrade Loke gave the scorecard of the Economy circuit stating how much they have invested in human capital development of young kwarans since formation. He further urged intelligent and energetic young kwarans to rally round in solidarity, put aside their differences and forge plans and policies to achieve a greater Kwara.

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