MOK Foundation’s second round of donations brings relief to Owode Markets fire wictims

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By Temitope Muhideen

In a remarkable display of generosity and compassion, the Foundation for Community Development ( MOK Foundation) has donated additional funds to support the victims of the recent fire inferno inside the popular Owode Market, Offa. This latest contribution comes as a welcome relief to those affected, providing crucial support in their time of need, especially after the Foundation had already donated about 1.8 million naira to the affected victims.

The foundation’s initial response to the disaster was swift and decisive, providing critical support to the affected families. This additional donation demonstrates the Foundation’s ongoing commitment to helping the affected victims recover from the tragedy after confirmation that the beneficiaries used the first phase of donations received for the right purpose.

“We are deeply grateful for the foundation’s unwavering support,” said Oyeyemi Mujidat. “Their generosity has brought hope and comfort to our families in this difficult time. We cannot thank them enough for their kindness and compassion, I have been able to get little things with the money I received from the foundation, and may Almighty Allah continue to bless the founder.

On her path, Alhaji Kudirat Shade Salawu who presented the cash to the affected victims praised MOK for his timely intervention, in the midst of the excitement, she then nicknamed MOK the “ANABI OWODE”

“ in my five decades of existence, I have never seen a generous man like MOK, he has prioritized putting smiles on people’s faces, and he won’t encounter sadness at any point in his life, we are going to make good use of this donation just like we did with the first one” Alhaja Salawu concluded

Demonstrating their dedication to supporting those affected by the fire inferno. The Coundation’s continued support serves as a beacon of hope for the community, showing that they are not forgotten in their time of need.

The MOK Foundation has once again shown its commitment to giving back to the community, and its contribution will have a lasting impact on the lives of many. Their generosity serves as an inspiration to others, demonstrating the power of compassion and kindness in times of crisis.

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