Ndanusa Usman: Happy Birthday to Humility Exemplify Leader, a Mentor, By Yakub Adam

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At this moment, I celebrate a leader who is still looking young at facial expression, and a great man in thoughts and actions. A mentor, and role model today for many young and old in Kwara State and beyond in whom so many like minds is well pleased. To this great Leader of our time, Hon. Shehu Ndanusa Usman, Commissioner for Environment is a Man with attested virtues of humility.

Sir, the world and of course the people of Edu have remembered you today and found you a great man that needs to be celebrated. Your sense of responsibility, empathy, and humility are encouraging and worthy of emulation and commendation.

Honourable Commissioner for Environment sir, your articulation, eloquence, tenacity, dexterity, Administrative handling styles, and unalloyed, undivided, unflinching loyalty to the people of Kwara are pride to Nigerians. It’s your birthday, a day that I congratulate you for attaining this age in sound health, strength, and vigor in adding value to humanity.

Sir, my felicitations is limitless because over the years and in the course of serving God through the selfless service you have rendered to the People of Kwara state while as SSA water resource were incredible to say that you left a permanent and indelibly mark in the anal of history.

Alhaji Ndanusa Shehu, in the sands of time, dead or alive, I am glad to say that posterity will judge you better and be kind to you and your entire generation. I value your leadership strides and ingenuity in all sense of humility in serving humanity, millions around the World are wishing you goodness and Mercy from Allah. As you mark your birthday today, I joined the host of heaven and earth to celebrate you, pray for you, and wish you longevity, success, Allah’s guidance, and protection. (Aaamen )

Yakub Adam
Writes from Honourable Commissioner Media Home

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