Nigeria and Democracy: The political imbroglio of a black power (Refurbished). By Ibrahim Abdulgafar (Paxxword)

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Nigeria and Democracy: The political imbroglio of a black power (Refurbished).

By Ibrahim Abdulgafar (Paxxword)

Setting sentiments apart on this political and unpolitical path that we all tread, the political complication in Nigeria over the past few decades has resulted in a world wide phenomenon where our most populous and viable black nation is being regarded as a political mystic.

Obviously, the political leaders of the last few decades in Nigeria has laid no defined vision for this great nation. Harnessing our resources with elaborate transparency and vision, Nigeria is genuinely endowed to successfully emerge as the leading reference in Africa to actually be on the capacity of the giant as it is widely termed. This power can only be attained and acheived by the proliferation and increments of youths engagements in today’s democracy because while the privileged elders failed, the hope lies on the younger visionaries.

The Nigerian political leadership has always been entrenched in the centre of political and Socio-Economic quandary, and this level of less capability has been the cause and implications for our growth and development.

What is a nation’s sixty one years of independence worth with no boundary to killings and slayings by “yet-unknown” bandits, terrorism, day to day cum door to door kidnappings, unattainable freedom of Leah sharibu, steadfast looting of our national resources, Hike in tariff plans of major social benefits of our people, inflation, arrests and killing of peaceful protesters and many more. Alas! Nigerians, to a large extent, have become apathetic due to the failed promises of our leaders.

An oil producing nation having the bearing as a nation that trades oil at an high rate for it’s own people even at the cost of their lands and human capital resources. What should be expected from political leaders that have always been contributing immensely to the demise of the teachings and prospect of democracy in our society?

In the last few years of experimenting various political leaders of varying backgrounds, gender or party, each consecutive and succeeding leaders has been attributed to having their debilitations, infirmity, vigor and commendatory ambitiousness.

This is a sixty one years of high prayers and hopes, not to be regarded as a sixty one years of celebration or jubilation. This is a sixty one years of revitalizing the efforts and consistency of our youths to be deeply engaged in a functional democracy for Nigeria to work. How can Nigeria Progress? The country you laid a curse on few years back is the same country you want to lead today?

Intermittently, it should be on a keynote that several constituent and building block for a revamped Nigeria is readily available and it is on the sole shoulder of every Nigerian youth. Youths should be ready to serve and result to the oriented political leaders for a better Nigeria that this generation and coming ones can be proud of. As good Leaders of tomorrow, we are celebrating our dear Nation @61 not Our leaders who have been failing us back to back and from time to time.

God bless Nigeria!

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