NYD 2023: Gadaff extends heartfelt appreciation to Kwara Youths

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* Abdulrahman administration creating an environment where youth ambitions can flourish

The youth advocate and former governor aide on youth empowerment, hon Sulaiman Lekan Gadaff has celebrated Kwara youth on this remarkable occasion of National Youth Day 2023, Honourable Sulaiman Lekan Gadaff, extends his warmest greetings and best wishes to the resilient and dynamic youth of Kwara State.

National Youth Day serves as a powerful reminder of the immense potential, energy, and creativity embodied by our young generation. The youth are the torchbearers of progress, and their aspirations are the driving force behind the development of our great state.

Under the visionary leadership of His Excellency, Governor Abdulrahman Abdulrasaq, this administration recognizes the pivotal role that the youth play in building a better Kwara. The administration of our youth friendly governor Abdulrahman Abdulrasaq is steadfast in his commitment to supporting and empowering our youth as they pursue their dreams and contribute to the growth and prosperity of our state.

Kwara State is invested in your success. Through a series of programs and initiatives, the administration is providing avenues for education, skills development, and entrepreneurship to ensure the youth are well-equipped for the challenges and opportunities of the modern world. We encourage our young citizens to take full advantage of these resources.

At the same time, we remind our youth of their essential role as responsible and law-abiding members of society. By adhering to the values of integrity and respect for the law, our youth can set a positive example for others and inspire meaningful change within their communities.

The APC led administration is dedicated to creating an environment where youth ambitions can flourish, their talents can shine, and thier voices are heard. We are committed to building a Kwara where the aspirations of our youth are not just encouraged but actively supported.

Honourable Sulaimon Lekan Gadaff extends his heartfelt appreciation to the youth of Kwara State for their dedication, their dreams, and their boundless potential. May you continue to be the driving force behind the progress and development of our beloved state, the statement concluded.


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