(Opinion) 2023 Census and the Need to Participate Actively for #YouCountBeCounted -Alabidun Shuaib AbdulRahman

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By Alabidun Shuaib AbdulRahman

It is undeniable that in an ever-evolving world, accurate data plays a crucial role in informed decision-making and sustainable development. As Nigeria continues its journey towards progress, active participation in the upcoming 2023 Census conducted by the Nigerian National Population Commission, NPC, becomes crucial for every citizen. By taking part in this significant national exercise, you contribute to shaping a brighter future for our beloved nation.

The census is not merely a headcount; it is a comprehensive process that captures valuable information about the country’s population, demographics, and socio-economic indicators. The data collected in this process plays a vital role in numerous aspects of governance, planning, and resource allocation.

Accurate population data provides policymakers with essential insights to address critical issues such as healthcare, education, infrastructure, and social welfare. Therefore, the National Population Commission has initiated the campaign for active citizen participation through #YouCountBeCounted.

By participating in the forthcoming census, you actively contribute to the creation of effective policies and the equitable distribution of resources. Census data serves as a foundation for economic planning and investment decisions.

Given that Nigeria’s population is one of the fastest-growing in the world, accurate data on population growth and urbanisation becomes crucial for cities to plan infrastructure, transportation, housing, and services to accommodate the evolving needs of urban dwellers.

The census also plays a crucial role in promoting social justice and equality by ensuring an accurate representation of diverse communities. Your participation in the #YouCountBeCounted exercise will contribute to a fair portrayal of marginalised groups, enabling policymakers to comprehend and address their specific needs. It presents an opportunity to amplify the voices that have historically been underrepresented.

Furthermore, precise census data allows policymakers to evaluate educational requirements and allocate resources accordingly. Education is a fundamental right, and by identifying areas with low literacy rates, the census enables targeted interventions that enhance educational opportunities for all Nigerians.

Moreover, the census provides vital information on health indicators, including disease prevalence, access to healthcare facilities, and the distribution of healthcare professionals. This data plays a crucial role in shaping healthcare policies and ensuring the provision of adequate medical services throughout the country, thereby improving overall public health outcomes.

Additionally, accurate census data aids in understanding employment patterns, skills gaps, and workforce demographics. This information guides policymakers and organisations in the development of effective employment and training programs, fostering economic growth and reducing unemployment rates.

Accurate population data obtained from the census assists in planning and prioritising infrastructure projects, such as transportation networks and power supply. By directing resources towards areas with the greatest need, the census improves connectivity and enhances the quality of life for all Nigerians.

To achieve the goals of an accurate and comprehensive census, the National Population Commission, NPC, needs your active participation. As a patriot and good citizen of Nigeria, when the census forms are distributed, fill them out promptly and accurately. Provide correct information about your household size, demographics, and other requested data. Every response counts and contributes to a reliable and representative dataset.

Spread awareness about the importance of the census among your family, friends, church members, mosque congregations, passengers at parks, and colleagues in offices. Together, let us emphasise the significance of #YouCountBeCounted and ensure maximum participation in this national exercise.

Alabidun is the Editor of Intercontinental News 247. He writes from Abuja, Nigeria.

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