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By Dapo Ibikunle

Governance in a participatory democracy is about ensuring the greatest good for the greatest number of citizenry. In other words the hallmark of good governance is the deliverance of the dividends of democracy.

In pursuance of this, the Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq’s administration in Kwara State is turning Ilorin, the capital city, other towns and the rural areas into one sprawling workshop, by engaging in the construction of good roads and urban renewal projects, therefore bringing about a revolutionary change in a once comatose economy.

Since assuming office on May 29, 2019, the story of strategic infrastructural transformations in Kwara State is an inspiring one that has lifted the ambiance of the capital city and facilitated development of the other parts of the state.

Not one to rest on his oars, Abdulrazaq was not just satisfied with providing portable water in communities that had hitherto given up, he is also opening up these communities with roads and electricity.

This is premised on the development logic that in looking at the challenge of fighting and defeating poverty, one has to look at the structure of the system. How can one deliver water to rural communities if there are no roads? How do one get doctors to locate a village that is not accessible by motor vehicles? So, identifying roads, water, electricity, health centers and education were critical areas of focus for Governor Abdulrazaq in this first term.

Moving forward, ln 39months, Abdulrazaq is further demonstrating that taking development to the rural areas is not a mission impossible.

The AbdulRazaq-led Kwara State Government has commenced the construction of the 87Km Kosubosu-Kaiama road.

The road which was abandoned for over thirty years (30yrs) left the people of the community in economic disaster and hardship while transportation goods and services within and outside the community had been greatly affected.

The community, while appreciating this economic renewal and infrastructural upgrade has commended Governor AbdulRazaq for embarking on this project which has reached Gwasoro (36Km) despite being a federal road.

No doubt, when completed, the road would facilitate with ease, the movement of goods and services, which will in turn increase revenues for the farmers and the government as well. It would also open up the long neglected communities of Kwara North areas to development from other partners and well meaning individuals.

Recently, AbdulRazaq compensated Alanamu market fire victims whose property and goods were damaged by fire.

The Governor distributed millions to victims of the market fire disaster.

At a ceremony held at the Alanamu Market, Ilorin cash were disbursed with varying sums of money aimed at giving support to bring back their businesses. Varying sums of money of 2.5m, 1m, 500,000 and 300,00 and so on were received from Governor AbdulRazaq by the beneficiaries.

“We believe that these people are the genuine victims of that fire incident. They are traders and we will continue to support them. My administration will continue to promote the interest of traders in the State” AbdulRazaq said.

Meanwhile, a victim and beneficiary of the compensation, Abdullahi Muse, who is the Babaloja of Alanamu market, prays for Governor AbdulRazaq after receiving N2.5m relief fund for compensation for his burnt wares during the market fire.

Similarly, Dalegan Afeez also prayed for Governor AbdulRazaq after receiving his N1,000,000 (One Million Naira) as a beneficiary of the relief funds disbursed to victims of Alanamu Market Fire.

Kwara people definitely appreciate good governance when they are lucky to have one. This saying is ignited with the progress recorded in the health sector. Before now, the health sector was in comatose. Aptly described as
having been sucked and sapped of all nourishment for growth and prosperity.

Interestingly, the state government is now being commended for the state of our basic Health Centres, Specialist and General Hospitals. The usual referrals of patients from our hospitals to the federal government’s teaching hospital has become a story of the past. Now, referrals are made to the state general hospital, which is a progressive departure from the old order.

The Government during the week, also inspected the ongoing construction of the expansive Innovation Hub.The Innovation Hub is expected to create a unique space where hi-tech entrepreneurs, industries, researchers and investors could be brought together to create jobs and boost the state economy using technology. The hub holds significant potentials for small and medium scale tech startups in the north central region. This state-of-the-art Innovation Hub — when completed will be the first of its kind in the north central region.

Dapo Ibikunle, a Public Affairs analysts.

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