(Opinion): Ifelodun: An X-ray of the past and Present – Atanda Toluwase

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Jide as many would call him unassumingly, can be described by critics as anything but one thing, critics would never doubt is his commitment to the development and progress of Ifelodun Local Government Area.

Sequence is paramount in life and that is why we must all cast our mind back to March 2021 when this administration came on board after series of maladministration that had set the State and Local Government on the back foot.
Many out of sincere wish and aspirations for our local government had set imaginable and unfathomable targets for Jide and his colleagues without paying attention to certain details and metrics of where we are coming from.

Without gainsaying, the entire local government was a relic of her former self, from the infrasctrure at the secretariat in share, down to the various council areas and different wards.
While taking inventory of the maladies that had bedeviled our Local Government, Who do we blame?
Apparently, Government is a continuum with the gains and losses that of every new administration.
Jide had never gloated about the state of the local government, he had never lamented about the state of the different infrastructural deficit he met as TIC Chairman.

It is therefore important to put in proper retrospect the impact of Jide Ashonibare over the last 2years 8months as the council boss.
From a local government that had grounded unfunctional tractors to one with two functional tractors.

From a local government that cared less about the welfare of her traditional rulers to one that had put in place a befitting and standard secretariat for the Ifelodun Traditional Council.

A Local Government that does not give a hoot about the various Health centres in the towns and Villages while abandoning them for their different Community Associations to one that has seen to comprehensive renovation of Health Centres across the Local Government Area and equipping same with facilities, employment of Health personnel and timely availability of drugs.

Like I stated earlier, critics can have a filled day criticizing Jide and swimming in self illusion, it is undeniable that the Council’s Grader is up and running, there is yearly grading of rural roads, provision of solar street light across the nine(9) districts in the local government , Provision of motorized boreholes across the nine districts, revamping the sport sector in the Local Government, Restoration of the Ifelodun Travellers scheme, Provision of operational buses and vehicles for secretariat staffs, Construction of Box Culverts and the Renovation of secret Registry office.

All these projects despite scarce resources. Indeed, Jide has laid the foundation for a sustainable and progressive Ifelodun.

Conclusively, Lilliputians will have a lot to say as they would find it hard to comprehend these successes because the progress that the local government has made in nearly 3 years after near doldrum is quite commendable.


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