(Opinion): Marriage Compatibility Tests: Panacea for Avoidable Marital Health Crises. By Ibraheem Olasunkanmi Qoseem

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It is one thing to see someone who is physically and intellectually attractive and another is to be assured of your compatibility, medically and otherwise, before settling down with the person as husband or wife.

It is natural to fall for love at first sight: your mind can’t stop to think of the person, day and night. The question to ask is that, can the relationship smoothly run without intermittent break-ups or baseless arguments? Also, are partners medically fit for the intending marital investments?

Medical compatibility test is an important test for all intending couples because it is pertinent for them to be fully aware of, not only their physical, emotional and intellectual genuineness, but also some medical tests such as genotype tests, STDs, blood group compatibility test and fertility test, so as to prevent some future unwarranted clinical conditions, which could wreck great havoc on the offspring; and leading to restiveness or eventual breakup of the family.

Fundamentally, human genetical composition is just like how Camry spare parts are distinctively differentiated from others. Same is the specific body has its own uniqueness characterized by genes found in the cells of the body as synergistically institutionalized or donated by parents.

Naturally, In human we have cells ( RBC, WBC and platelets) of which there is a constituent in one of the cell (red blood cell) called haemoglobin. Due to differences in human genetics, we have variant groups of haemoglobin ranging from AA, AS, SS & AC. Only the AA haemoglobin genotype is healthy.

Furthermore, the most common ‘unhealthy’ haemoglobin types are AS & SS. If two people possessing these genotypes settle in marriage, they will give birth to offsprings that suffer from sickle cell disease – colloquially familiarized to lips or hearing as sickler.

This makes such kids vulnerable to increase risk of haemolytic crisis, aplastic anaemia, acute chest syndrome, painful crisis in the blood vessels and ultimately death. It is symptomatically characterized as breathlessness, dizziness, fatigue and incessant headache. It also has social and mental impact on the wards such as mental retardation which could make such ward to live in isolation. The consequences of it will not only stop on the wards alone but also have great effect on such family (poverty) and society at large.

However, statistics has it that, about 90% of people survive to age 20 while close to 50% only survive to 50 years with thorough managements. Of which these managements and tests were never available in the olden days, this is the sole reason why a mother will give birth to 9 children but could only be succeeded by one. The only way to abhor this culminating untold scenario is to pay responsible adherence to the calling of this article by doing the needful before embarking on eternal journey. Prevention they say is better than cure.

To the parents and general populace, let’s not allow selfish feeling of affection to trick us, though the enjoyment which is ephemeral but it is a sorry consequence in the long run.

Let save our wards from pains imposition, they deserve to live healthy lives. They deserve neither life on hospital bed or in isolation. They deserve a pain-free life. Also, It is an individual responsibility to save the life of these wards from intense pain, either by total abstinence from such marriage or contributing blood and cash voluntarily to maintain their lives.

Finally, as bird lovers, before investing emotion, finance, trust and love; before building your strong affection on fantasy and before dreaming of thrilling and romantic journey. It is very pertinent to know your medical compatibility. Don’t be cheaply fooled by attraction or be uncontrollably lured by affection. But consciously think of the future possibility. Love is never enough.


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