[Opinion]: Nike Oshatimehin: A desperate Commissioner-Job seeker By Engr. Adeniyi Olumide

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A number of persons have had to put up write ups for and against the rumored desperation of Nike Oshatimehin to return as a member of the State Executive Council through Ifelodun Local Government Area.- A Constitutional provision that requires that the State Executive Council should comprise of at least one member from each of the 16 LGAs in Kwara State.

In a twist of fate, the Governor had earlier dissolved the Cabinet in December 2020 and had reconstituted same, howbeit, in piecemeal- a scenario that has left Ifelodun and Oke-Ero Local Government Areas with no representative at the State Executive Council.

While I do not have the locus standi to deliberate on the reason for the exclusion of a Commissioner-nominee from Oke-Ero LGA, I am competent enough to converse and make clear, my reservations towards the exclusion of Ifelodun LGA from the State Executive Council ever since the reconstitution of the council and also, the choice of personality that will be considered for such seat.

The Obvious fact which is incontrovertible is that, the Executive Governor of Kwara State, Mallam Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq, reserves all the right to nominate anyone of his choice regardless of Creed, religion beliefs, Political affiliations and character in Ifelodun Local Government Area, but, such persons must be one that will be able to represent adequately, the goals, aspirations, ideals and most importantly, resonate the People-centred programs across the length and breadth of Ifelodun LGA.

In addition to the above, such person must as well be able to radiate the ideals that we represent as Igbominas and also add tremendous value to the administration of his Principal, the Governor of the State.

While assessing in retrospect, the first stint of Mrs. Nike Oshatimehin as Commissioner in two Different Ministries in the state, can we place her on the pedestal of success? The answer can be best answered by true sons and daughters of Ifelodun LGA and our sisters and brothers in the four other LGAs across Kwara and Osun States.

Peradventure, some persons might find it difficult in assessing her performance as stated above, I will briefly bring to light, some of her activities that had casted great aspersions on her Principal, Ifelodun LGA and the two ministries she served as Commissioner prior to the first dissolution of the State Executive Council by the State Governor.

One that sure did not go down well with the Traditional Institution in Ifelodun LGA is the embarrassment and harrasment on the person of a revered Royal Father who is a retired Civil Servant with the Kwara State Government.

The Former Commissioner was also responsible for the leaking of vital documents surrounding the Tractorization-Gate that bedeviled the State Government which is indirectly, an indictment on her Principal even though the manipulations that she sought through her proxies was eventually quashed by a competent panel set up by the state government.

Having spent about 7months at the helm of affairs in the Ministry of Agriculture, the Government ministry has not remained the same. Her tenure was plagued with constant harrasment and denigration of senior staffs of the Ministry including the Permanent Secretary who had served the state meritoriously for over 30years.

While the list is endless, it is therefore important to stay focused on the subject of this article, which is the manipulations and concerns of desperate “Commissioner-Job seeker.”

The emergence of Nike Oshatimehin was shrouded under the toga of technocracy, one that was applauded by many considering the many ills that had plagued the State.

It however took many by surprise when actions and inactions of Nike Oshatimehin shook the polity to it’s very foundation.- A shameful cast on all Kwarans.

Before the unceremonious disengagement of the Cabinet in December 2020, it’s no news that she had lost out among the favorites of the Governor owing to her perchant of Insubordination to her Principal and her penchant of leaking Government documents to the public- aside leaking documents pertaining to the Purchase of Tractors by the State Government, Her disengagement letter as Commissioner was all over the space after leaking same to social media bloggers.

It begs the imagination of Kwarans, if civil servants could have been made to have signed an alleged “secrecy oath” not to leak Government documents to the public, what then is the stake of appointees of the Governor ?- Free to leak documents to the press when they intend to settle scores with other appointees during intra-Government frictions as such can never be excluded from any organization when there is expected to be cross fire of intellectual ideas.

While she rode on the toga of “being a technocrat” during her first stint, her acts betrayed the much mouthed prowess as one with a poor emotional quotient.

I have read a write-up by one Labelabe, who made case for her over nothing while also doubling down on insulting our common heritage of being Igbominas, same thing Nike Oshatimehin was accused of when she publicly insulted the person of the Olupako of Share.

A number of persons have deliberately shut their eyes and brain against the Crux of the agitations from Ifelodun LGA,- That our best feet should be considered for top seats at the level of governance. We can’t continue doing the same thing the ones before us did with no result to show.

For crying out loud, Senator Makanjuola Ajadi was a Senator for 5years, Fatahi Ahmed was Governor for 8years, Babatunde Mohammed was Speaker for 8years, yet Ifelodun LGA is as empty as the vessels of a church rat. We can not continue to hinge on mediocrity or servitude at the pleasure of a few who in times like this are considering a nominee for appointment because her dad is a friend to a former Senator and not because of her competency or achievements in the private and public sector.

Nike Oshatimehin was honest to herself and decided to go the Politics way by arm twisting the Governor through bankrolled rallies, empowerments and soliciting help through Royal Fathers when it was obvious that her achievements could not speak on her behalf to the Governor.

A desperate Commissioner-Job seeker would not mind whose ox is gored once those of her godfathers are well taken care of at the detriment of Ifelodun LGA and Kwara State at large.

As a parting shot, Comrade Labelabe who is the custodian and gatekeeper of Igbomina failures and lack of development should go a step further and she’s light how a 5-years Senator from Ifelodun LGA contributed to those backwardness and what has been the recent contribution of the one he holds brief for in Ifelodun LGA.

Writes from Igbaja, Ifelodun Local Government, Kwara State.

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