Opinion: Omupo Constituency Should Never Look Back Again on Hon AGF Salahudeen

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By 2023, it is going to be 24 years since the dawn of the fourth republic within this Political dispensation and like every other part of the country, Omupo State Constituency has had representation since 1999 up until this date.

Among those representations are those who were strong principal officers like Speaker of the Kwara State House of Assembly and Heads of Major Standing Committees as in Finance, Budget and Appropriation.

I am not attempting to embark on revisionism as it will be defeat the sole purpose of this write up, but rather it is aimed at reminding us of our gory past while in retrospect, examine the present and focus on the future.

Like I stated earlier, Omupo State Constituency have had Representations that had held quality positions in the House of Assembly but quite unfortunately, it never translated into meaningful development for the Constituency.

Our major cities are now glorified rural areas, our roads are competing for the status of the worst roads in the state, the rural areas are inaccessible and children, learning under trees.

The above listed is what had plagued the entirety of Omupo State Constituency and the Vanguards of evil were persistent in perpetuating disunity and discord for political gains at the expense of development in what they have all agreed to as Constituency B. It is saddening that considering the fact that Omupo State Constituency remains the Gateway to the southern part of Kwara State, we have not shared in the accompany privileges that accord such status.- We have a gory story to tell.

It is trite to know that before now, Omupo Constituency was seen as a sublet of Share Constituency that does not deserve any meaningful developmental strides or Political engagement.

A vivid illustration is that when 10 projects are to be sited in Ifelodun Local Government Area, 9 would be given to Share Constituency and before the 10th one can be ceded to Omupo Constituency, it will involve the intervention of our reverred Traditional Rulers.
Without much Ado, we were all witnesses that there was a time that Ifelodun Local Government Area had two Commissioners in the State Executive Council and both were from Share State Constituency. Where was the Fairness and quest for Political Inclusion.

Fast forward to the 2019 General Elections, the good people of Omupo State Constituency elected Hon. AGF Salahudeen as their Representative and that singular decision appears to be one of the best decisions ever made since the creation of the State Constituency.

Since his assumption into office as Honorable member Representing Omupo State Constituency, Hon. AGF Salahudeen has never looked back and he has laid the foundation for the Omupo Constituency of our dreams where every member of Omupo Constituency has a right of pride as a true Indigene of Ifelodun Local Government Area.- We have played second fiddle for so long!

For the First Time since 1999, Towns and Villages under Omupo State Constituency have become construction sites for the developmental strides of Mallam Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq, the Executive Governor of Kwara State.

The Honorable member has rallied the Representations at the National Assembly for massive input into the developmental strides of Omupo State Constituency.

Schools are being built, classrooms are renovated, roads are under construction and grading, Agricultural inputs are made available for farmers.

It is important that I mention the recent approval of Idofian-Igbaja Road(recall that he moved the motion at the House of Assembly and pleaded with the State Governor for Consideration) and the capturing of over 20 roads by the state government under the RAAMP project.

There is no better Representation than we have it with Hon. AGF Salahudeen in just 3 years as Honorable member in the Kwara State House of Assembly. He has crossed his Ts and dotted his Is which is well evident in what Omupo State Constituency is currently getting as part of the real dividend of democracy.

The truth is that we have been to Egypt and we have left Egypt, on course the Promised Land. We must not look back, We must not be deceived by the incarnates who are not pleased with the Political and developmental advancement of Omupo Constituency.
We have left the era where someone in Share Constituency will decide who takes what and gets what in Omupo Constituency, Our destiny is in our hands.

We surely have a leader in Hon. AGF Salahudeen and we should support him to do more.

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