(Opinion): We Say Yes Because Of No – Abdulkareem Yusuf

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By Abdulkareem O Yusuf

How do we properly relate with comrades and colleagues who hates to read good news about his state because his preferred people aren’t the ones championing it? What do we say to them? How do we let them know that a state is bigger than whatever hate or love they have for any politician?

As a Chemist, I’ve taken my time to study these people, and each time studying their action and reactions and even their body language, I’ve seen that they are always never happy with newsy news about kwara state. Our Political Partisanship might be different. It’s fine. And i don’t see any wrong in that.

Belonging to party A, B, P or Z doesn’t mean one should always be sad reading positive news about his state.

One can Criticise when it’s necessary, keep mum and snooker when you read positive news that upset your intestines, a feeling which I believe any patriot shouldn’t carry with him. I mean, why should anyone hate to see his state progressing?

Of course, it speaks very ill of one’s background, culture and upbringing when good news about one’s state brings a sour feeling everytime. Such people will take anyone speaking in defense of government’s policy or moves as ‘jobber’, it’s sickening. Here in my environment, kwara state, they always compare and contrast about any Government policies, even when such aren’t the same.

Kwara state is greater than any leader be it past or present leader.

We need to erase our minds from all these shallow thinking that every policies or moves by the Government is always to copy one past leader or to look down on one past leader, it’s getting boring.

Elites should start acting as one and not like illiterates. Just three days ago, UNICEF reported that 74% of kwarans now have access to clean water. This garnered and generated a lot of reactions and as usual, those who always talk about data and stats are of the opinions that this wasn’t from UNICEF. I shed tears always sharing the same oxygen and space with these kind of people. For it’s killing how people can be so inconsistent and erratic in their thinking. We have a state to develop, we can’t allow our love for some particular people make us look like what we are not.


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