PAN-Kwara advocates for urgent Government Intervention

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Members of PAN-Kwara at the rally

Earlier today, In a display of passion and determination, the Poultry Association of Nigeria (PAN) Kwara State Chapter organized a peaceful rally today to draw the attention of the government and urge swift intervention in response to the recent surge in poultry feed and material prices. The rally was a resounding call for action following the repercussions of the removal of fuel subsidies, which had a profound impact on the agricultural sector.

The rally kicked off at the PAN State Secretariat opposite GSS, Maraba to the premises of the Kwara State Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, where a spirited group of poultry farmers gathered. The Director of Livestock, Mallam Muhammad Ahmed Umar, addressed the farmers, offering reassurance that the government was actively engaged in finding viable solutions to address the challenges faced by the poultry industry and the broader agricultural sector.

Malam Muhammad Ahmed addressing the press during the rally

Moving forward with renewed vigor, the rally made its way to the Kwara State Government House. Pastor Adeniyi Solomon, President of PAN, stood as the voice of the poultry farmers as he spoke passionately about the hardships they were facing due to the escalated costs of essential materials, particularly maize. The removal of fuel subsidies had caused these costs to spiral, jeopardizing the well-being of their poultry birds and threatening their livelihoods.

The Chairman of Poultry Association of Nigeria, Kwara Chapter, Pastor Adeniyi Solomon addressing audience during the rally

Pastor Solomon fervently appealed to the government for immediate palliative measures. He urged the inclusion of PAN in the Kwassip schemes and future agricultural committees, recognizing the significant contribution of poultry farmers to the sector. Furthermore, he recommended the utilization of their quality products in school feeding programs and other beneficial interventions. These measures, he believed, would offer relief and hope to farmers who were grappling with impending losses and debt repayment.

Mallam Rafiu Ajakaye addressing the members of PAN during the rally

Mallam Rafiu Ajakaye, Chief Press Secretary to the Governor of Kwara state, representing the Governor, listened attentively to the concerns of the poultry farmers. His empathetic response and words of assurance provided a glimmer of hope. He pledged to communicate their plight to the highest levels of authority and ensure that their voices were heard.

Mallam Ajakaye emphasized the government’s commitment to finding swift solutions to the challenges faced by poultry farmers. He acknowledged the urgency of the situation and assured the farmers that their concerns would be addressed, underscoring the government’s determination to alleviate the impact of rising poultry feed prices.

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