Party Chairmen, Excos rejects Rep. Ajuloopin’s Empowerment items, Cash Handout

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Ward Chairmen and Executives of the All Progressives Congress (APC) across the four local governments in Irepodun/Isin/Ekiti/Oke ero Federal Constituency of Kwara state have expressed strong disapproval of the actions of a Rep. Olawuyi Ajuloopin who represents the federal constituency at the National Assembly, for attempting to distribute five (5) piece of 1-liter pesticide and N5000 handouts to them.

The ward Chairmen however collectively rejected the unconventional gifts presented to them by the Director General of the Lawmaker’s constituency office, identified as Agas, citing them as insulting.

According to a ward Chairman from Irepodun local government who spoke with this medium under condition of anonymity, incident took place during an agricultural empowerment program by the Rep member in Omu Aran, on Tuesday.

In a unified stance, the Party Chairmen, on whose behalf the Chairmen of ward Chairmen in the Federal Constituency, Mr. Owoyemi rejected the items and cash handout, asserted that such gestures undermine the integrity of the political process and treat them as mere beneficiaries of inconsequential material handouts rather than respected stakeholders in the political arena.

“Ajulo invited three persons each from various wards in their four local government he represents, the Chairman, Women and Youth leaders were selected among ward executives to attend the program. We asked about our transport logistics and they said it would be taken care of. Embarrassingly, we got there and we were given caps and N5,000 each, when it costs some of us N7000 to N10,000 to transport to and from our various destinations.

“More ridiculously, after protesting the handout, each local government was give 5 pieces of 1-litre of pesticides. For God sake, we have 42 wards in the Federal constituency, so we imagine how the lawmaker expects us to share 5litres of pesticide. We are not nonentities. It’s ridiculous”, a ward Chairman said.

The Chairmen, who also accused the lawmaker of not carrying the party structure along in his empowerment program emphasized that their commitment lies in fostering meaningful dialogue and policy-driven collaborations, rather than accepting tokenistic gifts that do not reflect the seriousness of their role, noting that it is disappointing that someone that has benefited from the party structure enormously to have won elections under it three consecutive times could degrade the party hierarchy in such manner.

The Representative member’s actions have stirred controversy within political circles, with many questioning the motives behind such offerings. The Chairmen have called for a more respectful and substantive approach to engagement, urging the lawmaker to uphold the dignity and principles of democratic governance, with emphasis on ethical responsibilities of elected officials and the need for transparent and meaningful interactions between political representatives and party leadership.

The disillusionment among the ward Party Chairmen deepened as they accused the Representative member of neglecting to involve party members in his empowerment initiatives.

One of the Chairmen said “Even majority of the beneficiaries at the event, we don’t know them from our various wards”, he expressed frustration at being excluded from the decisions and allocations made by the Representative, highlighting a lack of accountability and transparency in the process.

The Chairmen emphasized that true empowerment should involve collaborative efforts that prioritize the collective interests of the party and its members. By bypassing the party structure, the Representative member not only fueled discord but also alienated key stakeholders whose support and involvement are essential for effective governance and representation.

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