Party or Candidate: What are the Expectations of Kwarans in the coming 2023 Elections?

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Some are of the view that the federal house of Representative should be zone to Ekiti block (Ekiti and Oke-ero). Some also believe that ISIN should be allowed to complete her second term
Others are of the view that Ekiti Local government should be given the opportunity.

Which ever way they choose to think, one thing is certain:
APC must critically look for a candidate that can deliver on behalf of the party, not just an aspirant with money without a personality that can win an election.

In 2019, it’s was a political revolution to chase away a dynasty, so no one was really passionate about the candidates.
But, things are different now.
In 2023, Beyond the political party, the masses will be looking at the performance and personality of the candidates of a party and not just the party itself.

The society is looking up to APC to choose a candidate of reputable character and antecedents, one who has the ability to fulfil the expectations that people have placed on APC.
APC can not just rely on the reputation of the Party, they must confirm the reputation of their candidates as well because that is what the masses will be looking for in the 2023 Elections.

APC needs a candidate that has the potential to win. It is quite easy to measure this potential. A winning candidate for APC is one that is ready, able and capable to carry out the party’s vision for the people. The potential of the Candidate as perceived by the masses itself can either serve towards the good of the party or the other way.

People are on the lookout for APC, and choosing a good candidate’s is a way to assure people of the Party’s unwavering commitment towards the good of Kwara as a whole.

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