Prof Oba organizes Stakeholder’s Interactive Session, unveils his ambition if elected

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The Gubernatorial candidate under the platform of the New Nigeria People’s Party (NNPP), Professor Shuaib Oba Abdulraheem held a Face-to-face Interactive Session at Golden Sand Hotels, Irewolede, Eid Road, Ilorin the state capital of Kwara State.

The program which was held on Monday 3rd October 2022 with the sole aim of interacting with one another, also gives an avenue to all attendees to ask a series of questions from the NNPP gubernatorial candidate, Prof Oba which he gave answers to them.

Prof Shuaib Oba Abdulraheem while answering the questions asked by some selected attendees stated the challenges fighting the 16 Local Governments of Kwara State.

“A good government must have a viable and solid foundation at the local government level, empower them and channel works to their appropriate sectors to create more employment opportunities and decrease the high rate of unemployment, not interlocking, patching of gutters and roads can blindfold people’s face, adding that a government without the election of the local council is nothing”, he said.

He further said the civil service must be catered for because the quality of the government is the product of the quality of civil service, adding that a good government must not take the affairs of civil service with careless hands.

“Women have been segregated from the society as if they have no right as men, further quote that “he who struggles wins” and encourage women to keep their head and be ready to part in heading struggle to sustain their status”, he advised.

Women and child regard must be central to a government that wants to build development and sustainability in the State.

“I’m very glad for the reasonable questions asked by the attendees and also appreciated their presence, may the victory of the coming general election be ours”, he prayed.

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