RE: Gov. Abdulrasaq moves to replace Engr. Kale Kawu in Rural Electrification Agency

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In a recent report making round on social media about the above matter, the writer did not only make a mess of the write up with his claims but it shows how ignorant he is about Engr. Bolakale Kawu.

The error is the report only shows that the writer is only out to chase clout with the name of Engr. Kawu and call undue attention to himself for reasons best known to him and his sponsors if there are any.

To start with, the writer made a blunder by addressing Engr Bolakale Kawu as an Executive Director which he is not but Director monitoring/Evaluation at the Rural Electrification Agency.

It is unfortunate to see people peddling such rumour and seeing others sharing without proper investigation and reasonable thought of what Governor Abdulrahman Abdulrazak is out to achieve with the removal of our performing Engr Bolakale Kawu.

There has been a cordial relationship between Engr Kawu and the Abdulrazak’s family. Our man who showed in his appreciation message during his turbaning ceremony as the DAN IYAN OF ILORIN where he appreciated the effort and contribution of the Governor’s younger brother, Mallam Isiak Abdulrazak who was instrumental to his exploit as a growing engineer in the power sector.

Reading through the report circulating around, one would see that the writer is confusing and contradictory at the same time. Why would the Governor want to replace someone whose performance made President Bola Ahmed Tinubu retained him while others in his category were removed.

Engr Bolakale Kawu, a thoroughbread Kwara indigen whose agenda is for good of the people of Kwara State as a whole and Ilorin Emirate in particular should not be use curry favour from the governor.

The further claim that the Governor’s attempt to remove Engr Bolakale Kawu from the Rural Electrification Agency was to fortify Abdulrasaq’s grip on federal appointments linked to Kwara State is nothing but a mere mirage because there is no any other person in the state who is above the governor before the federal government. The question now is, what else would the governor wants to get hold of as the leader of the state that federal government will always contact for any appointment from the state.

As you may all be aware, Engr Bolakale Kawu is not a politician, he has not shown any interest in contesting any political office in the state and he is not a card carrying member of any political party as he is still in active service as a civil servant, hence, he should not be dragged into political drama of the writer.

Engr. Bolakale Kawu is a peace loving person who relates with all and sundries as one. He respect and recognized the leadership of His Excellency, Governor Abdulraman Abdulrasaq, former Senate President Dr Bukola Saraki and other leaders of thought from Kwara who are all after the good and development of the state.
If anyone has a score to settle with Governor Abdulrahman Abdulrazak, he/she should do so without dragging the name of Engr Bolakale Kawu into the matter as what is before him is to contribute to the stabilization and growth of Nigeria as whole and Kwara state in particular.

Such write up to him is a mere distraction and attempt to pitch him against his brother, Governor Abdulrahman Abdulrazak.

Omowumi Ahmad writes from Abuja.

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