Sho Pen Online presents ‘Cash Donation’ to Young Ilorin Boys for Ramadan mosque construction

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A prominent online platform in Kwara State, Sho Pen Online has extended a generous cash donation to a group of young boys in Ilorin who recently undertook the noble task of building a mosque in preparation of the this year’s Ramadan.

The initiative gained attention across social media platforms after Sho Pen Online showcased the young boy’s impressive dedication in a recent post.

Two generous followers of Sho Pen Online were moved by their efforts and donated cash to support and encourage the young boys effort in promoting and projecting the Ilorin Emirate’s culture.

Expressing their gratitude, the young boys and their families appreciated Sho Pen Online for promoting their initiative.

They also offered prayers for the donors, praying to God Almighty to bless them for their benevolent gesture.

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