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It is no gain saying to re-emphasize the common attribute of an Igbomina man or woman as Enterprising, peaceful disposition, Loving hardworking and respectful to not only our tradition, but established Authorities and leadership.

As Yorubas from Ifelodun LGA, an extraction of Igbomina Land, we are not known to disregard our forbearers and just like the popular Yoruba maxim, ” we do not use the left hand to describe our father’s house”.

All of the above cannot be said of Mrs Harriet Nike Oshatimehin- One who has flagrantly and persistently thrown to the bin, the many ideals that sons and daughters of Igbomina Land stands for at all times.
It is largely inconceivable to know that despite the rich pedigree of good and respectable Igbomina children across the length and breadth of Ifelodun LGA starting from Ganmo down to Share, while spreading to Oro-Ago and the Ile-Ire districts, some individuals who do not wish well for the Governor of the state, Mallam Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq, are hell bent on having such personality as Nike Oshatimehin with an odium filled character as a member of the State Executive Council.- One that had publicly embarrassed and harassed a Notable First Class King in Ifelodun Local Government Area while she held sway as Commissioner in the Ministry of Agriculture during her first stint as Commissioner.

It will be a huge drag on all sons and daughters of Igbomina Land even beyond Ifelodun LGA to appoint her as Commissioner representing Ifelodun LGA as we regard in high esteem, our Royal fathers and leaders.

While her sponsors and deluded supporters might have forgotten, we will remind them of the high level of insubordination she exhibited to her Principal, the Governor, in her first stint as Commissioner in the Agriculture Ministry.
Her Inordinate ambition in purchasing tractors for the state Government through cronies was botched hence, she doubled down on her quest to subvert the directive from her Principal and began releasing vital Government documents to social media platforms, a move that embarrassed the Government and led to issues with the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission alongside the Department of State Security.- Is it also an exaggeration to tell of her poor administrative competence when she could have reverted to her Principal for clarifications. Her maladministration at the Agriculture Ministry has destabilized the Ministry till date.

Her pettiness as an Administrator is also staggering and disgraceful to us from Ifelodun LGA, is it not discomforting for a Commissioner to have publicly accused a Permanent Secretary who has served the state diligently for over 30 years, of diabolical tendencies because she misplaced her own scarf and after scarring and embarrassing the person of the Permanent Secretary from the ministry of Agric, she later found the Scarf in her own car. The list of her failings is endless with nothing to point to as her achievements in the two ministries she held previously. While other commissioners were returned, it was solely on the backdrop of the achievements in their first stint as Commissioners.

Conclusively, her re-appointment and re-nomination as Commissioner is one of discord, disunity and hatred in the entire Ifelodun LGA and her return will be a huge spite on all the sons and daughters of Igbomina extraction.

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